Thursday , August 11 2022

Supreme Court hands Biden a victory paving way to end 'Remain in Mexico' policy

Supreme Court delivers ruling on Trump-era Remain in Mexico policy and the EPA. Fox News correspondent David Spunt with more.

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  1. Pray harder everyone to have the good lawmakers coming in to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision of giving Biden a way out in keeping Remain In Mexico . It must be reinstated 🙏🇺🇸

  2. The remaining in Mexico was enforced for the reason of illegals staying in Mexico instead of open borders. Where they would not return for court to grant asilume.

  3. Remember it's all putins fault.joe and kamala have done nothing. Vote out the democrats.

  4. Receive free medical and benefits while they wait.keep working Americans someone has to pay their bills.

  5. Expect to pay more state taxes to cover the new welfare recipients.thank the democrats and there open borders.mayorkis Is given free reign for his open borders.

  6. End remaining Mexico?
    At this point, Why even have a border patrol? But, I guess, I can't blame them. They get to have a job, where they don't have to do nothing.
    Just get paid, For ride-n around in a vehicle, Who wouldn't want a job like that?

  7. Not sure anyone wins when democrats have power to decide immigration policy… not even democrats.

  8. Don’t you guys understand that employers are pushing for immigrants to move in to the United States to keep cheap labor cost down so they can maximize their profits.

  9. Supreme Court screwed up for The American people.

  10. I wonder if Joe is gonna call this a sad day in America

  11. Then they should remain in prison if they won't remain in Mexico.

  12. More dumbass RINOS.
    What traitors we have.

  13. Why are these people KILLING the USA

  14. Diana cries; her sons must reunite!

  15. Return Prince Harry to his people. He is a lost lamb.

  16. This is WHY you don't appoint RINOS to the SC.

  17. This court is a joke, disgusting, sad excuses for human beings!! All these judges that lied to congress should be removed and charged!!!! They shouldn't be there in the first place!!!!

  18. One loss in a week of Monumental Decisions. It's ok…GOP/Trump will be in for 2022, 2024 and MAGA will get this ship on the right course again


  20. I hope the first case that she has a justice is to decide "What is a Woman"?

  21. Waiting in Mexico discourages migrants from risking it. This will likely encourage even more caravans to approach the border and risk unsafe expeditions. That said, we can’t handle all these people coming over when supply lines are deteriorating and the grid is already tapped.

  22. Finally supreme court is going to have a real justice, a very intelligent judge that really know the law & actually practice law. Black women always have to save democracy, save these crazy white folks from themselves. WP knows who has the Power.

  23. I'm very surprised I didn't think they had humans on SCOTUS.

  24. Just look at that – paving our way to being a Third World country 😜

  25. I expected this from Roberts the Coward, but Kavanaugh sold us down the river.

  26. It's a "victory" for Brandon to have open borders? Sounds more like treason.

  27. This is not a victory for the American people.

  28. Guess the SC doesn't want people to be healthy. What about being prolife? Should like they are lining their pockets. Smdh, im gonna vote for the dems. This is ridiculous! And trump and his politicians lied to us over and over!!

  29. Criminal trespassers should be deported immediately! MY TAXES shouldn't be going to the parasitic plague slithering over our border!

  30. So, this means that the Supreme Court is no longer "illegitimate" ?

  31. im Mexican and this isn't good the remain in Mexico policy made the immigration system better because people would wait until their court date to get in and accepted now people aren't going to go to court dates and will just live life like their citizens and will run from the court dates

  32. Shouldn't be letting anyone else in until all Americans that are here are homed. Jmho.

  33. For once the court got it right!

  34. I'm going to have to read their decision, I don't understand how making non-US-citizens wait outside the US for their hearing is unconstitutional.

  35. Yes!!!! Finally something good!

  36. This will be great! a summer illegal immigrant surge bringing poverty, drugs, and crime while costing money, resources, and law enforcement time, will give republicans exactly what they need for the midterms. Counteracting whatever loses they may have had from kicking abortion back to the states!

  37. Biden can now give migrants bicycles to come across our border on

  38. What about DACA?!? Illegal from the onset. Lets get these lawbreakers on a leaky boat back to the motherland.

  39. Lets have a new "Remain in Mexico forever " policy.

  40. Remember when Republicans killed Roe V Wade?