Supreme Court playing by new rules

Our panel spotlights a new code of ethics coming for the “highest court in the land. Plus, the house passes bill to avert government shutdown.

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  1. Oh but biden can take bribes. That's totally ok huh abc

  2. With absolutely no consequences 😂

  3. The "Code of Ethics" that the SCOTUS has published was only needed after Trump packed the court with Far Right justice's. Trump has really changed the game- he managed to lower the ethics bar for politicians and the SCOTUS into the basement. However, the packing of the Supreme Court may be a major gift to the nation if last Tuesdays election is an indication. Americans are fed up with the GOP and DJT and are now voting the MAGA Republicans out…..a huge plus for the country.

  4. If Thomas had any decency he would have resigned.

  5. Yeah because SCOTUS have demonstrated they can be trusted to self-disclose. 😤 Enough already they have made the Court illegitimate. Time for accountability and transparency.

  6. Joe bidens just needs to remove the Supreme Court. Thats what a good dictator, i mean democrat does.

  7. Are these like the rules Don Trump played by during the transition of power or while submitting his property and business valuations? I mean look at the consequence of his non-compliance, he’s broke and in prison now, right?


  9. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. No one will get ousted…that is a non-issue and you are wasting too much air and CO…save the planet and be quiet.

  11. Republicans and code of conduct in the same sentence. That’s an oxyMORON.

  12. Nothing but maga cult members under cover that's the highest court in the land now days

  13. No they aren't playing by new rules, as long as they judge themselves. Attempt not to be inane.

  14. Now states should bring disqualify trump chellenge to them since there states keep denying it

  15. Good now disqualify trump so he can't run if they mean it

  16. The Supremes haven't created any new rules, and they haven't created any enforcement mechanism for any "new rules." All they have done is codify allowing the corrupt behavior of Thomas, Alito and Roberts, and the overt politicking of Conehead Barrett. This is tiniest possible step they could have taken, and it is not even a half inch forward. Nothing will change. Alito and Thomas will continue to go on their six figure fishing trips and vacations, and report them if they feel like it. Expand the court to 13 and let Biden pick the 4.

  17. ABC is misleading viewers. Without a road to enforcement the so called "rules" are moot. They should change the lead in title here.

  18. LOL, ABC, you're so cute. Just because they HAVE new rules, it doesn't mean SCOTUS will play by them. Remember that rule about perjury and Roe v Wade settled precedent? Shattered. Remember that rule about required financial disclosure? Shattered. Remember that rule about not having even the appearance of impropriety? Shattered. SCOTUS needs laws with an enforcement mechanism. This is the most corrupt SCOTUS in the history of SCOTUS.

  19. I think they should skip this fluffy stuff and just have Clarence Thomas resign. Something tells me he will be financially okay after 😅

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