Tuesday , June 28 2022

Supreme Court Rules Second Amendment Guarantees Right To Carry Guns In Public

The Supreme Court has overturned a New York State law that required gun owners to show a special need for a concealed gun and has ruled that the Second Amendment guarantees the right to carry guns in public. NBC News’ Pete Williams reports. 

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  1. Thank God. It made me sick that California was doing that!!

  2. They'll look stupid if their decision backfires and some of the Judges who made this decision get shot.

  3. Murica going back to the old days. Turning themselves into cowboys. The price of freedom is abusers abusing freedom for their own gain. My condolescene to every US citizens. First you had the pandemic, now you have lunatics carrying around guns and a school where childrens need to learn how to keep safe from a gun attack. Chi-nah and Russia can chillax, Murica is already hurting themselves. Why u worry?

  4. Americans are thick. 🤣

  5. Democrats (Communists) also want citizens to prove need for freedom of speech.

  6. Texas sitting at the beach with a 9mm and no one pops off….

  7. Great. We need to stand as Americans against our own evil FKN government.

  8. Between the gun violence, political & judicial corruption, insane conspiracy theories, hate-media, bigotry & record of selectively honoring human rights, I really feel that never want to visit the US again. Pity used to be a great fan.

  9. Let's see if CA honors Constitutional Law.

  10. What about guns in the Supreme Court?

  11. Clarence Thomas is a traitor with his wife

  12. The best form of defense…is having peaceful people around you.. Not demented males using weapons to make up for their physical cowardice.

  13. When are we going to have the 2020 riots being broadcast on TV like the January 6 riots I would like to see that on TV

  14. Now if I feel threatened or have one of those crazies on the train At least I can protect myself because the mayor will not

  15. Now I don’t have to worry about the mayor not protecting me because I will protect myself

  16. Good because in New York you have to protect yourself because the mayor and the DA will not🙏🏿😊

  17. America's constitution is a poorly written piece of trash written by idiots for a country of idiots…as the comments below illustrate.

  18. If the Supreme Court agrees that everyone has the right to conceal carry anywhere, then why did they feel the need to ban guns from courthouses and government buildings. Isn't that infringing on an individual's right to conceal carry?

  19. Can someone please show me where in the 2nd amendment it says "an indiviual's rights to bear arms ". Seems to me it only mentions "a well regulated militia" and later defines what that means.



  22. Government has a long and consistent record of deciding that citizens don’t need freedom of speech, a viable self-defense, or personal privacy. It’s a remarkable pattern.

    Your neighbors who advocate for reductions in freedom and privacy are dangerous people who are putting you and your family at great risk.

  23. How disrespectful to do this when we’re still in mourning. Supreme Court wants more guns on the street? We want Supreme Court term limits NOW!

  24. Wait an see the murder and crime rates plumett in all the 7 states of the USA wich have laws against the right of bear fire arms ons the streets. Specially in California.

  25. What most people believe and if don't believe otherwise ur not in touch with the real world n have had gun pulled on me for no reason other than someone was a racist and I am not don't care about color of skin n never taught kids to believe that way n can prove it

  26. Hey SCOTUS…children will protect them selves better if they have fewer aduts around carrying military style rifles. Children next will need arming to defend themselves ..thanks to MAGA maniac SC Thomas

  27. Forrest should be aloud cause of wild animals

  28. There DOES need to be limits to anything we do.