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Supreme Court takes on cases on gay rights, discrimination l ABC News

Justice Clarence Thomas will be absent from the court due to illness as justices take on three cases involving gay and transgender rights and discrimination in the workplace.

When Aimee Stephens went to work as an openly-transgender woman — a gutsy but liberating decision to reveal her true self — she lost her job.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday will consider whether Stephens and thousands of transgender Americans are protected from employment discrimination under the Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which bars employers from terminating workers because of sex.

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  1. You think you can hunt down evil, DON’T YOU warriors of social justice!?

    Here’s a challenge: find ONE bad thing about Justin Trudeau!


  2. Let people work regardless of what the fuck they are (in the sense of LGBT). If they have the skills and experience, hire them. Capitalism doesn't care who you are, just if you are able to work or not.

  3. Thanks to all those who believe in Freedom🌈🦋 I appreciate you very much!!!!! After all , all I want is the right to be myself like everyone else.

  4. I've been out since 2004. Transgender folk are the Road Kill of the Psychological Community. Life is unimaginably painful, and I do not have sex. They don't want me to suicide, but treat me and others awfully.

  5. lord god what's us to love all people and treat them as u would urself anyone who judges r not going to heaven maybe I know he don't what us to judge even if someone s way of life is not of ur belief.. so pray and love them..anyone displays hate to another is from the devil straight up..

  6. Being gay is normal and natural. Love between 2 people of the same sex isn’t any different than love between 2 of the opposite. The marginalization people face because of the sex of the people they fall in love with is ridiculous.

    No-one complains when two people of the same hair color fall in love. No-one complains when two people of the same eye color fall in love. No-one complains when two people with the same last 3 digits of their social security number fall in love. So why should it matter when two lovers of the same sex fall in love?

    The fact that homophobia still exists, two thousand and nineteen years of recorded history later, astounds me. Can’t believe this is the same species that learned to walk upright and use tools.

  7. I wait for the day, LGBT rights finally become illegal again in the United States.

  8. I’m for lgbt rights f—k the haters don’t discriminate don’t hate

  9. If a business hires a man and that man turns around and says oops switcheroo, I'm no longer a man but a woman, the company has every right to fire him because he tricked the company into believing that he was someone else and should be fired. Entrapment and lies are wrong.

  10. Strahan is a sicko. He was the same one who did the story on the little kid stripping for gay men

  11. The only reason you should fire someone is if they aren't doing their job or if they are harassing someone. Also all of you in the comments saying og but gay ppl already have rights even more than straight people. Don't lie. Will you get attacked by holding hands with your significant other? Unless someone wants to rob you or kidnap you nobody is just gonna attack you for holding hands. Gay people cannot even hug or kiss or hold hands with their significant other cuz they can get killed.

  12. If someone abides by the workplace rules, they shouldn't be fired because of their sexuality/gender identity.

  13. No branch of government has authority to invent people by labeling same sex acronyms and assigning special rights that infringe on the rights of others, in particular, people of faith, natural women and children.

  14. Let's make something very clear. All the people arguing against gays having basic protections in the workplace are FOR all of the horrors depicted in this video, AND firing gays just because of who they love OUTSIDE the workplace. Why does owning a business give anyone the right to attack the personal private lives of employees? It DOESN'T. If the SC decides against gays, this video will be reflecting daily workplace life for millions of us. High stakes.

  15. #Scotus
    If LGBTQ+ can run for President, Congress and be appointed SC, it must be protected from all discrimination.

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