Supreme Court to hear arguments on Trump’s eligibility to appear on Colorado ballot

Former President Donald Trump has appealed a Colorado top court’s ruling that he is not eligible to be on the state’s primary ballot due to his participation in the Jan 6 insurrection.

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  1. At this juncture, any public school can hire trump? Consider moral character from e Jean or stormy deniell alone. This guy is unfit..Save America First, its always a great nation.

  2. One unfit man running for president vs millions of voters of Colorado. Answer, one man is above the law.

  3. why is it that you think that January 6th was trumps idea????? good question….why did the federal government and state police let it get out of control??

  4. A problem with Germany? The Germans dont have the sophistication of the american media.

  5. In Germany, the German post-war constitution allows parties to be LEGALLY banned ……..bottom line: legally, the Germans can outlaw "deplorables", but they are questioning whether that is tactically wise because it seems anti-democratic to not allow citizens to vote for who they want.

  6. This is NOT rocket science ; for the youz get reamed court to allow donnie-demonic to slide out from under the penalty(ies) which are appropriate to be applied in accordance with the 14th Amendment is equivocal with them stating that if he had been successful in his effort(s) to subvert/nullify the election result on Jan. 6th and steal his way into the Presidency that they would have (&/or currently) endorse that to , so that there is no legal standard to be met ; anarchy RULES AND the whole idea that they are actively involved in upholding "the law" is a fraud , they have voided their own "standing" (with out being able to show that they have the grit to do their job they are no more than belly crawling , slithering SCUM) AND thrown "the door" wide open to mob action taking anything and everything that they may want without any cause to expect that your get reamed won't back their thieving , murderous actions ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎AND THEY ARE BLATHERING ON ABOUT HOW ACTING IN OPPOSITION TO THAT CRAP "MAY SET A "BAD" PRECEDENT" ???? ARE YOU FIT TO DO YOUR JOB OR NOT 🤨🤨🤨🤨

  7. Trump 2024 our true president

  8. Trump is a lying sack of sh*t.

  9. Supreme Court is not stupid they know Trump was not guilty.I watched Jan,6 . Trump said nothing wrong and Supreme Court knows that's the truth!

  10. Easily the most backward, feet in the mud, stuck in the 70s Supreme Court we have EVER had.,..

  11. Of course more b s from the Democratic party. These people are breaking the law by letting all these illegals in. What are we doing about that? Biden has broken the law multiple times. Are we arresting him? Is he being charged? But nope, you keep going after Donald Trump because you are scared he's going to win this election without Colorado. He'll still probably win Colorado. Disappointed in you people in the Democratic party and supreme Court 🖕💩

  12. Hahahahahaahahahahaha your not correct

  13. Jan 6 was not deadly. One person died by gunshot shot by police, 2 died of stroke, one died by being trampled. Respect to those who passed. But none of that is rioters being intentionally violent. You can die by trampling by evacuating a building, and no one intends to kill anyone while evacuating.

  14. Congress already impeached Trump for Insurrection 1.0 – This is an issue of State's Rights – every state has the right to enforce Constitutional law. The SCOTUS has no authority to interfere with the most basic right of each state to enforce Constitutional law.

  15. What Colorado has DONE is Unconstitutional! Their arguments before the US Supreme Court are extremely weak, and Unconstitutional the US SUPREME Court will OVERTURN Colorado Unconstitutional Decision! We the people DECIDE Elections…. Period!!!

  16. It was great to WATCH this morning and to see and Hear ALL the Justice Judges of the US Supreme Court WANT to Follow the Constitution….They weren't Political….Great Day for the Constitution of our Great Country!!!!😊😊😊😊

  17. Voter's options for POTUS 2024.

    1 Sane ,Stable, Sharp minded Patriotic Nikki Haley.

    2. Mentally unfit convicted criminal felony – Dementia Trump

    3. Mentally ill disoriented – Alzheimer's Biden

    Pick Nikki Haley ,Save USA

  18. Jason Murry doing more twisting than Chubby Checker..

  19. Why has Judge Thomas not recused himself from this case? His wife (and he) are avid trump supporters.

  20. I'm watching oral arguments on TV and protesters are outside the courthouse with a huge banner that says "Remove Trump", this banner is like 25 foot by 25 foot, and the peculiar thing about it is, the handful of people attending to this banner are wearing masks, and Im asking myself why, is mask wearing making a statement, is mask wearing a method of identifying themselves, do they believe that they are at risk of getting COVID-19, do they enjoy wearing masks, or are masks a safety blanket for them. But I also ask myself, has Trump ever been charged with insurrection, and the answer is no to my knowledge is no, so why is this case even being heard before the Supreme Court. Looking for answers, perhaps there are some mask wearers out there.

  21. The question is simple. Does SCOTUS, the United States' highest court and the pinnacle of The Judicial Branch of our government, do it's job and uphold both their Oath to The Constitution, as well as their Judicial Oath and find as the Colorado Supreme Court found, and the entire world watched play out on television, that Donald J. Trump planned, encouraged, put in play, and did nothing to stop the insurrection on January 6th, 2020 and therefore, according to The Constitution's 14th Amendment, Section 3, is barred from ever holding public office again, unless 2/3rds of Congress votes to remove the penalty – and good luck with that. So it's simple – Does Democracy and The Rule of Law Live or Die Today in the United States???

  22. I LOVE how SCOTUS is State’s Rights, State’s Rights, State’s Rights UNTIL it’s something they don’t agree with! Hypocrisy beyond belief! 🙄

  23. The Supreme Court should say: the entire country may want Tyler Swift to be the president, but the constitution says she’s not old enough. And it also says if you participated or started an insurrection, it doesn’t matter how many people want you to be the president, you can’t be. It’s not a political issue… it’s an issue of following rules.

  24. How many Jan 6ers have been convicted of insurrection? ZERO. How many Jan 6ers have been charged with insurrection? ZERO. Trump has neither been Convicted or even CHARGED with insurrection. This case should never have had to make it to the scotus. No one can explain without gaslighting how Donald Trump can be held off of any election ballot for insurrection when he’s not been charged. Again the Marxist democrats fail to look at the future consequences of their lawlessness. It’s all about now and keeping power.