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Supreme Court Upholds The Affordable Care Act In 7-2 Decision

The Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act after several states filed a lawsuit alleging the individual mandate was unconstitutional and was not a legitimate use of Congress’ taxing authority. NBC’s Pete Williams has details.

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  1. Always enjoy updates thanks so much

  2. Well there you have it! now the country knows the Supreme Court is just as corrupt as all the other government institutions!

  3. Having good health insurance isn’t always a blessing!!!

  4. Alito and Gorsuch never have to worry about health care. The rest of us do care.

  5. I am glad that this law was upheld as legal by the supreme court and so many people who need it support the court's decision also so they can get help they can't get elsewhere.

  6. where are all these people that love Obamacare? everyone I run into seems to think it's gotten too expensive for less coverage than before. everybody year premiums increase, without coverage increasing…I guess it's anecdotal, but nobody has shown me that they're paying less than before and love the coverage.

    I guess maybe people that didn't have it before get it for free on behalf of those that pay, paying more. maybe that works for those certain individuals… I'm just confused when I have like 400/mth in premiums and over 6k deductible….where's the benefit?

  7. How did kavenaugh Barrett vote

  8. Once again, ultra-rich government snobs get their way. Once again, Obamacare dictatorship overrules the decent sense of just letting the American people decide their OWN business.

  9. The corruption is just awe inspiring

  10. Very disappointing. Obamacare is a horribly written piece of legislation that benefits insurance companies instead of consumers. When it was being written back in 2009, Republicans wanted to allow consumers to buy insurance across state lines to make the insurance companies compete for our business, but the Democrats had the majority and they said no, because they had to pay back the insurance companies that contributed millions of $$$ to their campaigns. We need to repeal Obamacare, otherwise we're stuck with it forever. Democrats and Republicans need to be forced to work TOGETHER to give us something better, because the American people deserve better than Obamacare!

  11. They care so much you have to pay for healthcare

  12. Constitution means nothing, why do trash dems want the court stacked, this case proves they already own it. What a joke.

  13. i wouldnt put my dying dog on obamacare. its bottom of the barrel healthcare and doctors. remember obama said you could keep your doctors" well that was a lie. the good doctors and good hospitals dont even take obamacare for insurance

  14. This organization is ran by Satanist.

  15. Republicans cried for 8yrs that they had a better plan than the ACA. Then when they had control of the House, Senate, and White House they still claimed a better plan was coming. When the time came to reveal their plan Senate members literally filled folders with blank printer paper to make it appear like they had something. Republicans opposition to the ACA is a national embarrassment. A total disgrace to governance

  16. HRSiegal 6/17/2021; Biden Juneteenth BS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCBc1ceQsI8 Supreme Court sham https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlzUajMnWIs new find explains how I am unwitting global surety; https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/09078981/filing-history I am author Honey Soulution born in CA; HRS dba HSBC.

  17. I don't consider medical care affordable! Medicare takes money from your Social Security and the cost of drug card. Then the cost of a Medicare supplement. I pay over $350 a month! NOT affordable!

  18. The Supreme Court is signaling that the ACA is the law of the land. That's what pretty much everyone other analysis has said.

  19. One party owning all branches of government including Departments agencies media and courts allows for a rogue government not representative of the people

  20. The SCOTUS is no different than the others its controlled by large corporations , and those with power

  21. Shame on to the Republicans in power. Butch of loosers

  22. So, do uninsured now have to pay the penalty next year?

  23. Republican Health Care plan should be available for review any day now…. LOL!

  24. After what michael cohen said today about indictments being handed out next month and the Trump's achilles heel had already flipped to protect his family it's safe to say people karma is winning in every direction imaginable and continues to spread like a cancerous tumor in Trump's criminal empire eating away at his foundation piece by piece until theres nothing left but him and cold steel doors slamming behind him and trump with his pants on backwards again soiling himself in complete shock and trying to hide from his new bunkie Big Bubba

  25. Trump continues to the world and are allies that he's the biggest national embarrassment and mistake in history and can never be able to have the most powerful seat in the planet again because after his catastrophic leftover damage he left in America in and for Biden and The American People to clean up the last 100 days with almost a million dead now and slowly things are starting to turn back to normal. Never again can we let this catastrophic nightmare Donald The Virus Trump put are Country on the brink of extinction again and hold are Nation hostage with his lies and bogus conspiracies and bribery and insurrections against are democracy and future of mankind

  26. nbc arm of the dem party,,,,,biased as cnn 10%

  27. They'll be back in court..its still in jeopardy..but for now..rejoice

  28. Take away the total health care coverage from the Republicans who have great health insurance and are opposed to Obamacare – leave them with no coverage at all and then see what happens…it boggles my mind that these Republicans are so mean-spirited.

  29. They better lock me up, Ill burn down my local IRS building before paying a penny

  30. Bs…just dismissed the case for standing. Didn't judge the case. Screw yourselves phoney media.

  31. God 🙏 bless. Supréme court

  32. God said, “No.” that’s what happened. “The earth is the Lord’s, everything , the world, and all who live in it. For he founded it on the seas and established it on the waters.” Psalms 24:1,2.

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