Tuesday , January 18 2022
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Survivor Recounts El Paso Shooting: ‘People Were Going Crazy’ | NBC News Now

NBC News’ Simone Boyce spoke with a survivor of the shooting in El Paso, Texas, who described the moments the shooting took place in the Walmart.
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Survivor Recounts El Paso Shooting: ‘People Were Going Crazy’ | NBC News Now


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  1. Less than a month after this and the news and lawmakers have already forgotten. Just as they planned. Looks like no new solutions again.

  2. How did she get from the front of the building to the back exit quickly

  3. Do you choose models or reporters?

  4. Awe…. What a terrible actor, Even the news anchor can’t even make this hoax believable. Try as they may. Sheep


  6. That's one big man head on the news lady

  7. she's a teacher married to a army captain they said but she says she called her wife is she married to a woman or what?

  8. So Sad 😞
    This is not right no one has the right to take another’s life

  9. You are one big lier you fraud you aint even a a women

  10. She said she called her wife isn't she married to a army captain ?

  11. Thats a man a tranny and and actor

  12. Zero people killed by an evil black rifle today. 300 killed by being aborted today……

  13. Zero people killed by an evil black rifle today. 300 killed by being aborted today……

  14. Call my wife?? I though this was a woman, oh maybe I got it wrong. She should have drawn her own concealed sidearm and put a round thru this asswipes head and two in the chest.

  15. She could have went to the book isle

  16. I love your Dance and Music Videos Adria! They should have more views

  17. Why do I get the feeling that she is an actress? Nice props for the glasses…

  18. I'm happy they interviewed someone that wasn't heterosexual for once.

  19. You called your wife? You are obviously a female??? Needle going across the record is what I hear??

  20. Currently typing "Simone Boyce" in pornhub search bar….

  21. If these "mass shootings" begin to take place multiple times in a day, we do expect to see better actresses like the one above. MUCH better than the the ones from Pulse for instance.

  22. Where do your get glasses that ugly? So freaking fake

    1. Make it known that every adult shopper and theater-goer, every adult church-member, every soccer-mom and every teacher, every store-clerk and every bartender is possibly a qualified CCW Holder.
    2. In areas where patron-carry might not be permitted, insure a heavy police presence.
    These two measures will not end killings but they (just these two) will significantly reduce the number of mass-shootings.

  24. CNN) — The El Paso shooting suspect's mother called the Allen, Texas, Police Department weeks before the shooting because she was concerned about her son owning an "AK" type firearm, lawyers for the family confirmed to CNN.

    The mother contacted police because she was worried about her son owning the weapon given his age, maturity level and lack of experience handling such a firearm, attorneys Chris Ayres and R. Jack Ayres said.

    During the call, the mother was transferred to a public safety officer who told her that — based on her description of the situation — her son, 21, was legally allowed to purchase the weapon, the attorneys said. The mother did not provide her name or her son's name, and police did not seek any additional information from her before the call concluded, they added.

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