Saturday , November 28 2020
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Suspect arrested after deadly shooting at German synagogue | ABC News

He allegedly shot at the door of the synagogue in Halle, but it was locked, authorities said. German media said he was possibly motivated by far-right extremism.

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  1. scarlaridge , I'm Nero no no I mean Adolph lives reincarnation .

  2. That's a fucking slam gun. Hmmm seems like people can WHAT?! MAKE GUNS WAWWWWA BAN HANDS

  3. Brought to you by the israeli mossad

  4. Alright… it’s time to start killing white supremacists. Simple as that.

  5. It was streamed all on twitch I heard 😔smh

  6. Everything that has a beginning has an end. We have seen the rise and fall of powerful nations, empires. The tranquility and prosperity of Europe is being threatened. This will force their leaders to take extreme measures. This planet has had times of great abundance and great scarcity. Our happiness cannot depend on money.

  7. Another drill pushed as real

  8. ugh, the allied forces need to take this trash out again once and for all

  9. False flag false flag.

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  11. Enjoy your freedom behind bars for the rest of your life. Bye bye 👋1 less nutter off our streets

  12. also why would any jew in the world ever move to germany?? honestly

  13. youd think they learn their lesson 80 years ago

  14. Hey Rabbi,watcha doin?!

  15. I come from Germany… The news are crazy, and i can not believe it. Germany is a country with many Bad things our history…
    We will not let us down!
    I wish the families of the victims much help..

  16. It's a sad thing he couldn't get into the Synagogue! 🙁

  17. NOT THE 3.30 again for the 33.

  18. 2 jews killed and it's world news. Full saturation. What does that say about this ancient organized crime cult? Murdering Palestinians is no big deal…… but just one jew gets a boo boo and it's world news.

  19. The shooter said that..Jews are the roots of all every Religion and race , there are Good and Bad..

  20. "Tried shooting a door but it was locked" so what? i think you meant to say "the gunmen tried shooting the door to splinters but the door proved to durable".

  21. What was he shooting behind that car ?

  22. He should consider buying hax

  23. Txs to idiots like this theres gonna be more surveillance

  24. yeah! great story 😎
    "west of germany" east. right, it fit.

  25. Just another racist scumbag killing innocent people.

  26. Far right ? Why you assholes have to say the right ..
    All media is a scam .. Look how they protect Biden ..
    Shame on you ..

  27. If i only was there with my PSE compound bow this guy was Jesus v2.0

  28. What the actual FUCK is wrong with people attacking people for a religion! I guess the germans still have some nazi's.

  29. Why are the democrats afraid to subpoena Hunter Biden????

  30. Spiritual Warfare heating up. Let the church pray.🐑

  31. Praying for the innocent 😢🙏

  32. The number 1 terrorist in the world, a caucasian male!!!!!!

  33. Typical of right winged inbreeding illiterates. He probably had plans to go home and sodomize his sister right after the killings.

  34. We need to stop wasting time and money on terrorist in the world period. Just execute them on the spot. Squash them like the predator pest they are. We give them a name and give them a spotlight and let their face be shown. Stop letting these individuals be infamous. Just give them a number that's it. #737366373 was excuted today. In other news. Simple as that. No pictures of them no history. That should all be classified and not shown to the public. I'm no genius but I'm no dummy either. There is an algorithm for ending all this.

  35. Doesn't Germany have tough gun laws?

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