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Suspect charged with plotting to bomb LGBTQ nightclubs and synagogue

Authorities arrested an alleged neo-Nazi, who allegedly carried out armed street patrols in the past.

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  1. That is not a Assault rifle that’s a AR15 get your facts right

  2. Dude needs some weed and a girlfriend…These dudes need to get laid bad…when I was 20 I was fucking every weekend diff bitch, down have time to think of guns shooting or that dank nonsense

  3. Trumps good people are Dangerous!!!!!

  4. Why are the police not speaking up for gun control? They are the ones who have to deal with these armed assholes. Police are trying to have their cake and eat it too.

  5. "A history of firearms within his community"…what the hell does that mean exactly? :: rolling his eyes ::

  6. Hate crimes will not be tolerated in The United States and we must do our part as a community to end violence in our nation.

  7. I can finish job off for him.

    Fuck the Gay & Trans. Sickos

  8. Send the lgbtq up in flames.😝

  9. Luckily they stopped him before he got to killing an been looking to murder someone for years now

  10. Another one of Trump's very fine people.

  11. This is silly. Perverts are going to be perverts. You cannot change that. No need to go out and try to kill them or blow them up. God will deal with them in his own time. These perverts are not the threat. Illegal aliens are the threat. Violence is not the answer.

  12. Don't be surprised if lots of male white republicans who are mostly racist and supremacist are suddenly shot and killed as a reprisal for what has happened. Might be the best solution to world poverty, overpopulation and aslo might serve to raise the general population's i.q. what with so many xyy chromasomal white republican males all dead…..might be a good thing for gene pool renewal.

  13. You know.. you report nothing but the most disgusting things you can find. I am tired of seeing so much of that crap. I wonder what your actual motive in specifically reporting those incidents and following them so closely is.

  14. Please, please, please…stop the hate. God is alive and He is love. We all are born equal in God's eyes. He is the judge of wrongdoing,, not us. Please, again, I beg you, have mercy and no hate fellow Americans. Love your neighbor as yourself and let God be the judge of any wrongdoing… An old lady begging for peace. Sue

  15. a good patriot with good idas

  16. He gets no pussy. That's why he's mad at the world. Poor Lil dick incels

  17. Psycho dumbbell. At least these sick morons are getting caught.

  18. Why is this news worthy?

  19. I bet he is an incel as well.

  20. They're always white smh. Muslims and immigrants don't scare me. It's those who do these mass shootings that actually scare me

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