Thursday , January 27 2022
Home / News / Suspect Surrenders After Six Police Officers Shot In Philadelphia Standoff | NBC Nightly News

Suspect Surrenders After Six Police Officers Shot In Philadelphia Standoff | NBC Nightly News

The suspect has been identified as Maurice Hill, 36, a man with an extensive criminal history that includes numerous gun charges, according to court documents.
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Suspect Surrenders After Six Police Officers Shot In Philadelphia Standoff | NBC Nightly News


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  1. And not a word about it since I posted my list.

  2. Yeah ok, let's not talk Bout the Epstein thing…

  3. No way should someone be able to shoot six cops, and then walk out with their hands up to avoid being shot. He should have been shot on sight.

  4. Several reasons that this story will be dumped into the memory hole within 48 hours:
    1) The shooter was black
    2) The shooter was not legally allowed to own a firearm.
    3) The shooter had many prior weapons related convictions.
    4) The people shot were police officers.
    5) The shooter was not killed.
    6) The shooter is a devout Muslim.
    7) The shooter regularly attended a jihadi mosque.
    8) None of the gun laws on the books that weren't enforced would have stopped this.
    9) None of the gun laws on the books that were enforced stopped this.
    10) Philadelphia has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

  5. very grateful for these Policemen and Policewomen!

  6. So he shoots 6 police but its not called a mass shooting? Guess that tile is only for whites as part of white privilege ?

  7. Cops have guns and a lot of them are criminals

  8. This was all a school play. Crisis actors are being deployed all over the country orchestrating these mass shootings. This is their way of driving fear into the people to convince us that we need to give up our our liberty for security. "Those who give up essential liberty for temporary security deserve neither liberty or security"-Benjamin Franklin. The government is officially at war with the people. Its all phsycological warfare they are using against us. Dont believe to Media

  9. Ain't no fun when tha Rabbit got a Gun 😜!

  10. The media is crazy, first of all I’m from that neighborhood. Nobody in the neighborhood felt sympathetic for the police. That’s one. The responding police district was the same district that was under investigation and the subsequent arrest as prosecution of several officers, which planted drugs on innocent people. Also, keep in mind that the warrant wasn’t for him but was for the home next door. I guess the mental illness excuse only works when it’s a white male and shot children and old people.

  11. Many States and police are proven disrespecting the rights of the people. We are not condoning his actions however the sign of the times are creating these situations. Since the news media can’t get CORRECT info on what weapon the shooter used ya cant say "assault weapon" of which there is no such thing. Again it’s our opinion it will be used to gain more support to disarm the citizens so LAW ABIDING CITIZENS/NO ONE could protect themselves or family against tyranny.

  12. living in the best country in the world and having access to the almost everything nobody in the world can have and he chose…THAT. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  13. BLACK bystanders throwing crap at the officers and pushing them around! Disgracefull! Where was Sharpton, Harris, Cortez, Jackson and others to denounce this? Oh Yeah, they won't because it doesn't fit their political agenda and fill their coffers!


  15. Oh there not gonna say he had a mental disorder ? Ha wow.

  16. What benefit was he providing to society? Probably nothing.

  17. He has a mental illness. Maybe from video games.

  18. Ppl will always somehow get guns these new laws will stop ppl that wont use it for bad harder to save themselfs and others when someone somehow gets ahold of a gun, also AR does not stand for assault rifle it stands for the company's name. Google it

  19. Why are felons with "extensive criminal records" walking around freely in society?

  20. But libs say white supremacy is the real threat lol

  21. Wherever there is a demand, there will be a supply.

  22. I lived in Philly a long time and it's crazy like that! There's a lot of good people in those neighborhoods though.

  23. Criminals will always get ahold of guns that's guaranteed just like politicians will lie to get in office, the same difference

  24. The dude got his guns from other drugs dealers. Cause he is a drug dealer.

  25. 6 counts of Attempted Murder…way to avoid that pesky Narcotics Distribution case, m'nigga.

  26. One man on drugs took out 6 highly taxed train cops???? Going on here

  27. He has mental issues, he needs help!

  28. Oh no it must be a white supremist!


  30. Well , he really didn't want to go to jail.

  31. Mental Illness and Video games were to blame in the mass shootings according to the potus. Not in this case though according to the potus.

  32. Did anybody see the video when the police officer were putting fake blood on themselves during this dake ahootinf. Just saying yal. Just saying. This was very fake

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