Sustainability and creativity: A tour of Zampa's property | Alinta Leaving My Mark

Alinta Leaving My Mark: Australia leg-spinner Adam Zampa takes us on a tour of his property in the Byron Bay region of NSW and outlines his sustainability journey over the past few years.

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  1. Hatts off to you zampa✊️🤛🤛👏👏

  2. Nature Lover….Great…

  3. Anybody who thinks about sustainability of environment, nature ….never be a bad person
    ❤️ from india

  4. Adam is much more than a very good bowler. He is a unique and intelligent young man with a deep perspective on life.
    'Onya Adam 🇦🇺👍

  5. Great bowler great initiative

  6. kudos Zamps . respect man ❤

  7. True example of how celebrities should also give it back to society and inspire people all around unlike most of them become obsessed with material occupations..flaunting cars, jets, watches etc..

  8. So he's a damn hippie

  9. I am impressed by these move…. sometime i get disturbed by the change in global climate and pollution….but move like these give confidence and positivity……. you are utilising your money for great cause, living my dream… thank you

  10. Does anyone else think that he looks so much like Channing Tatum?

  11. What a lad… Amazing 👏

  12. what a place… Good Luck Adam with your future plans.. Love from Sri Lanka ❤

  13. Good from Zamps, but just greenwashing from Alinta…

  14. Trucked in 3 goats. No way that's carbon neutral. Complete idiot.

  15. Impressive..ur parents must be very proud

  16. Good on him.
    I'd like to do something similar one day. I was vegan for a few years, but didn't work out for me. I was always constipated, but I did my time. All better now. Impressive man.

  17. Sending you love Zampa!

  18. Such a great initiative by him . Very refreshing to see such a thoughtful side

  19. Fantastic Zampy!!..Never knew this side of him

  20. our youth leading by example

  21. That's how Life looks and feels like. Peaceful

  22. He is a leader 🙏🔱🕉

  23. Zampa is a true hero. Such a wise personality

  24. Zampa’s gonna play longer than Brad Hogg