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SUV crash injures actress Helen Hunt

People magazine said Hunt was driving when another car T-boned her SUV causing it to flip over.



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  1. That was one very nice SUV, good ole Cadillac

  2. Please Mr Hero, leave the extrication to the pro's. You never know if she had an injury that would be made worse by jumping in to "save the day" Not every car crash requires people to leap in and yank people from cars (fire is a different story) If you feel you have to do something, the best thing you can do is be with them, tell them help is on the way. For God sake lose the thinking that they've got to be rescued from the car immediately. That's only Hollywood.

  3. “Bystanders rushing to the car”, or at least walking fast 🤪

  4. Bystanders were definitely walking to help her not rushing lol

  5. My Quarterback Princess. Always love you. Glad your O.K.

  6. That wasn't bad @ all show a real wreck bitch

  7. She should be thankful she wasn't in Kentucky or syria

  8. Misleading title.The reporter just said she wasn't injured, just shaken up.

  9. How about the driver? Is he ok?

  10. Millions of people get seriously hurt or die due to traffic collisions

    Fuck off

  11. So no update on the person in the white car.

  12. Her driver was at fault for sure!

  13. Oh the poor thing. She for a bump on the head and one funger was mashed. Lets see it in the news for a week while they make sure she is still peeing ok. People are maimed abd you'd never hear about it. But a oscar winner??? HEAD LINE NEWS I do lije her but the news makes me sick by acting like she almost died. Thats what bites me

  14. Classic 2 lane tbone. Never trust that first lane being stopped, unless you have full visibility. And even then… risky.

  15. If you or I were, in that same SUV and had that same accident, it would not make the news…

  16. What's the SUV make? That's a bad SUV! low speed & bigger than other car & it flipped!

  17. Helen Hunt brother is named Mike

  18. What does the fact that she won award have to do with her being in a car accident 🤷🏾‍♀️

  19. Scary.
    I was a traffic accident investigator and establishing fault in this case should be very simple.

  20. Good for him and glad she is ok.

  21. “The 56 year old won an Oscar in ‘As Good As It Gets’” They show a clip of her crying and saying “what good has that done anybody”?

    They might as well have found a clip where she says “im glad my SUV flipped cuz im a skank!

  22. The story should be on the guy who rescued them not on what she done ahahhaah america wake up and know your teu meaning!!!!

  23. Her driver didn’t make 🛑!!:(. But I’m glad
    She’s fine

  24. Good thing she was driving a gas guzzler Escalade instead of a climate friendly Prius or Tesla?

  25. Who are these idiots watching ABC news??

    Why would anyone with a brain trust ABC ever again

  26. Good Job to Bro that pull everyone out.📏😃

  27. She's out of the hospital. She's fine.

  28. She's lucky. I like her acting!

  29. Oh no. I hope the accident didn’t make her any uglier.

  30. Who? was gonna say girl from twister right…

  31. She should say thank you to the guy and people who helped

  32. The white car have the right of way to go straight, the Escalade driver should have waited til it safe to make a left turn in to the parking lot.
    the Escalade driver was at fault.

  33. I got in a wreck once, didn't make the news..
    why is this news?
    🚨stop worshipping people with over paid jobs that you sometimes see on TV..

  34. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  35. So many ''bad lucks" are happening to the whites these days.

    It comes around what WENT around.

  36. Those new Chevrolet Tahoe's look like hearses. 😳

  37. she wouldnt of got flipped if she didnt pull out in front of that other car

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