Wednesday , January 20 2021
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Swalwell should’ve known China was much greater threat than Russia: Chang

‘Losing South Korea’ author Gordon Chang weighs in on U.S.-China relations under a Biden administration and Rep. Eric Swalwell’s ties to a suspected Chinese spy.

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  1. Eric Swalwell is not beholden to his constituents, but to the communist Chinese General "Tso Me The Money".

  2. Swallowed should be thrown out of America

  3. This guy must not have seen the video of the Chinese professor who said they couldn’t control Trump but now that Biden won we can start working together !!

  4. Where is Feinstein? She used to have a driver for 20 years who was a CCP spy/

  5. It would appear the DNC has a major problem on their hands, they have members of their party that need to be bought in for questioning by the FBI on espionage charges and a presidential candidate that has obviously been compromised by the CCP. Swalwell should have known that when dealing with China you are dealing with masters of subterfuge who owe allegiance only to the state (Chinese government) and are ruthlessly inventive with ways of extracting information from stupid westerners. And Joe Biden all but incriminated himself when his lawyers asked for the laptop back from the DOJ. Without a thorough investigation by a military tribunal, Joe Biden may swear in as president in Washington, D.C. but his real office will be in Beijing, China. He and his family are a national security threat and should all be jailed.

  6. Russia could just evaporate china if it wanted to.

  7. I believe Pelosi knew and was helping, China, indirectly 🥺🤔

  8. ARE YOU JOKING?! You don't think Joe Biden is compromised? Wow?! (smh)

  9. If they have something on Hunter, they have something on Joe.

    We need to corporate so my family can make money.

  10. Fox STOP calling him president elect!
    There is no such thing!

  11. The Democrats want power so much, that they're willing to sell America off to get it, even if it's just temporary. This is a crime against humanity. America must stand up and fight against President reject Joe Biden. It's now or never Patriots.

  12. Ten percent for the "Big Guy" sounds like Joe Biden was involved. I'm sick and tired of the media telling lies.

  13. Trump has divided this country by exposing the Democrats and their spys and traitors.

  14. Why is joe biden still in the running for president? He is so compromised and it will be easy for him to sell us out to China and who ever else might be involved. Pray, pray, for the truth to prevail and President Trump will have another 4 years to finish cleaning out the the extreme dirty swamp.

  15. Just like Trump said, if Biden win election the China win America.

  16. China already put dog leash on Biden s' neck so he have to follow China game rules.

  17. Where is the American intelligence ? 50 intelligent agencies said that Biden’s investigation his labtop imails are Russia desinformations ! Now what ?? How can the President or the American people can believe anything they say ??


  19. Joe Biden is a criminal and a Chinese operative not president elect so out that in your pipe and choke on it. President Trump is trying to save America and these American agents to China are trying to TAKE US DOWN, WAKE THE *UCK UP.

  20. BS all the Bidens are involved. His son was proud that he made keys for father to the office where he worked. So how could his father not know? BS

  21. Joe Binder He cannot be a president he’s a liar and cheetah

  22. He’s son he cannot do this by self

  23. I wonder how long it will take for him to be cuffed?

  24. He is a democrat, how smart could he be. She probably blackmailed him with his premature ejaculation problem… But Nancy Pelosi said he didn't have one.

  25. Why are u hiding her face
    Chi na..

  26. In 2013, why would a man, in the position of Vice President, take his son, on the official government plane, Air Force 2, to an official government trip to China, on official government business, knowing full well that the son has nothing to do with "Official Government Business, in the first place?
    Especially where the son had nothing to offer the US Government as skill, expertise or experience for that trip? Then, allow his son to do whatever "business" he did and get involved with any monetary agreements that would threaten the integrity of the position of Vice President?
    This to me clearly says that Joe Biden knew what he was doing and used his son Hunter to be the middle man in a plan, that he, Joe Biden, accepted as a means to collude with the Chinese CCP and receive the bribes.
    Hence the 10% to the "big guy" per Hunter Biden's laptop.
    So the answer to the question as to whether China has something on Joe Biden, the emphatic answer is a resounding YES!

  27. The idiot only know poontang. He have no intelligent. Can’t blame an idiot for being an idiot.

  28. Hey FartWell how many times did you Fanged that “ Fang Fang “ the Chinese spy 😂?

  29. Who is that stupid, lying quack, that thinks were dumb. Did you hear about the email, that Hunter sent his dad and mom, Joe Biden and Jill Biden where he asked them, for the key, while hunter was talking about the fact, that he was with someone, he wasn't supposed to be with in China, that was connected to his dad, doing illegal business in China?

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