Saturday , July 24 2021
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Sweet Video Of Toddlers Hugging Goes Viral | NBC Nightly News

The video shows precious two-year-old New Yorkers Maxwell and Finnegan racing for the giant hug, acting like they hadn’t seen each other for years — but it’s actually only been two days.
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Sweet Video Of Toddlers Hugging Goes Viral | NBC Nightly News


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  1. SO TRUE!!!!! Little children are the greatest teachers when it comes to demonstrating true LOVE. I worked in child care for over over twenty years and raised 3 of my own children & GOD taught me more about love & forgiveness through them than anyone or anything else on earth.

    The thumbs down were given by unhappy cold hearted haters of love!

  2. I love it!!!!! Both are very adorables💜💜

  3. 8 people dislike this video. Lol.

  4. At first they were just a couple of kids being friends….now its thanks for for being black and white and giving NBC a news story

  5. This is just proof that racism and hate is taught.

  6. This is the best vidoe this year💞🙌to both dads🌷🌷

  7. This is the world that I always dreamed about. We all bleed, We all are human been. Let’s start judging each other for the inside, Not the outside. Starting today, Starting right now on the 18th anniversary of 911.

  8. we were once brothers. jealousy separated us.


  10. Aaaaawwwwwwww life is Beautiful

  11. Proves prejudice is passed on from caretakers and a child's environment, it is not naturally there in youngsters.

  12. How long will this friendship last?? Until they grow up and the white baby realizes his people think they're superior.

  13. Every genuine human being: “Aww that’s so adorable”

    Every liberal: “See, babies aren’t born racist”

    The Racist: “How disgusting!”

  14. Those thumbs down come from people with a PhD in triple-K studies.

  15. I hope they remain BFF!!!😘

  16. These two little and adorable boys show us, how peaceful, gorgous and full of love our world should be…

  17. Even children can behave better than trump & Obama

  18. NBC includes this segment to reduce the daily PTSD the nation is experiencing under the Trump administration.

  19. Of course at their age two days seems like forever!

  20. The natural license of the innocent.

  21. i LOVE THIS! WE need more of this kind of news!

  22. Those 2 are absolutely adorable together.

  23. Don't they act like little old men

  24. I pray they stay that way. There is a group of evil people that don't want to see love in this world.

  25. This is the way we are all supposed to behave. We will never reach next level of life until this is achieved.

  26. Children don't see colour 👍♥️

  27. Can’t believe they’re running a story that doesn’t talk about Trump.
    Doesn’t make any sense

  28. Are white people stop being so hateful and mean this could happen.

  29. Matthew 18:3 
    And he said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

  30. The media is always making things about color

  31. THIS is the kind of story we need right now.

  32. Such is the Kingdom of Heaven . These little precious boys just came from heaven not to long ago. All they see is a platemate or better yet another brother . I pray they never see color only another little boy. I'm so impressed with the Z generation. We as humanity have got to get it right. These 2 little boys are a giant leap for humanity.

  33. Instead of talking about how everyone needs to learn from the kids, lets bring it to life #MyFriendChallenge
    and so it begins 📹🎥📷

  34. Yeah the unfortunate part is when the two of them gets older one will have to face the world of white racism, racial profiling/discrimination and all the other ugliness of being a black male in america, while the other enjoys his white privileged

  35. Awww I feel so racially warm and fuzzy now! Not.

  36. Now if they were twins? Now that would be a story -[laughter]

  37. Two kids look like Tom Brady and Antonio Brown 😂😭🤣🤣😭

  38. That hug is how I greet all my foreign friends. Making me cry every time I watch it now.

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