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SWIMWEAR LOOKBOOK | Bikini & Swimsuit Styles for 2017 | Fashion Mumblr

A Swimwear Lookbook filmed in the beautiful Maldives! Click SHOW MORE for links to each style!
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Zara Haul :
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Spring Wardrobe Basics :
Spring Beauty Launches :
YSL Unboxing :
ASOS Spring Haul :


❤ What I Wore ❤

Style 1 (stripe bandeau style) :
Coral version :
Style 2 (white scallop swimsuit) :
Style 3 (white crochet lace) :
Style 4 (purple stitch effect) :
Style 5 (black pom pom swimsuit) :
Style 6 (purple stitch cutout swimsuit) :
Style 7 (zig zag swimsuit) :
Style 9 (black scallop bikini) :

Earrings :
Necklace :
Rings :
Bracelet :

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  1. Poor Girl…so much sun, so little protection….her skin tone shows she is out in the sun a lot…too much UV is not a good thing….her skin will be leather by her late 40's… NOTE TO SELF – this is how you tan human skin…on no Melanoma.

  2. Babe, this lookbook is so beautiful. Can't wait to see what else you you have. I also make fashion videos, check them out and et me know what you think.xoxo

  3. I noticed that the black bathing suit at 2:10 isn't listed. Do you have a link for it?

  4. The first one is my favorite, but I’m always afraid that off the shoulder bathing suits would give a farmer’s tan. Also love the last one 🙂

  5. Beautiful, your figure is INSANE!!! Missing your vlogs though, would you consider vlogging the process of your house renovations??? xxx

  6. @Fashion Mumblr, You have very beautiful figure. Try this bikini –
    On you will look it is delightful! If it is necessary, I will help with the order and the translation.

  7. This is such a beautiful video – making me very excited for my holiday now! Amazing swimwear pieces, you look so gorgeous! Xx

  8. I love the way you filmed this! I love that white crochet suit! Seriously cannot wait for the pools to open here 🙂

  9. This is such a great video Josie! Love the music and the drone shots and of course the location!

  10. Wow! Beautiful swimsuits and stunning location!

  11. Anyone know what songs were used? This video is amazing! ❤

  12. Love your style…like there was literally not one swimsuit i didn't love!! xx

  13. Love this video 😍 amazing place, and you look so good!

  14. can someone of you tell me the name of the song 😧

  15. Loooooved it! Amazing video!!

  16. What a great lookbook! So dreamy! ❤️

  17. What a beautiful setting to film this lookbook! You look incredible x

  18. I adore this video! What great content. I would also really love to see a video about your positive attitude and outlook on holistic concepts such as the secret, crystals, etc. I know you did a mindfulness video but think it would be great to have content specific to positive mindset (which you always appear to have)

    And perhaps how you incorporate it into your every day life (e.g. crystal jewellery recommendations).

  19. Fab video, and the swimwear, amazing.

  20. Wow! you look so beautiful😘

  21. josie whats the brand of the strapless black one piece/ monokini (you listed it as black pom pom swimsuit)? the link sent me to a revolve search for "black swim" but even then i cant see it there.

  22. OMG Josie this was just insane ! The editing, the shots, the swimsuits, how gorgeous you are, the location … Damn ! 🙂 One of the prettiest video I've seen for sure! good job 😀

  23. Stunning video and location! You look UNREAL Josie!! This video was perfection 👌

  24. Gorgeous (you, the looks, and of course the Maldives!), and really fantastic editing!

  25. Beautiful, inspiring scenery and you look so elegant. You are one person who can always wear white and look slender as a reed.

  26. So Gorgeous! Can I ask what the music is please? My Shazam won't pick it up! 💜

  27. So beautiful. 😍😍😍

  28. One of the best videos i've ever seen on yt!!!! Great job and i'm soooo jealous 🙂 <3

  29. wow, you're so tanned! and nice editing! 🙂

  30. SO beautiful!!!! The Maldives is on top of my list for dream vacations! It looks heavenly ❤️

  31. magnifique vidéo et super bien tournée 😍 continue ainsi

  32. Wooooow! Amazing shots and gorgeous swimwear 😍

  33. What a stunning video! You look incredible x

  34. Wow paradise! You're so beautiful Josie and this video was amazing!

  35. Summer vibes are here thanks for the chic swimsuit inspiration Josie👙🌊🐚I absolutely love the crochet top with high waisted white shorts⚓️

  36. Fantastic video really love these kind of look books the holiday looked amazing too. Keep up the great work. Thanx for sharing 😙

  37. So beautiful swimwear&you made them look even prettier!
    The footage is insane. Looks so beautiful unreal 😍 Amazing place

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