Thursday , September 16 2021
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Synchron CEO on first FDA approved trial for brain chip implant for paralysis

Synchron CEO Dr. Thomas Oxley on receiving FDA approval for clinical trials in the U.S. and discusses the benefits of his company’s brain-computer interface device. #FOXBusiness #varney

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  2. The Chinese government is willing to open Pfizer Lilly Johnson & Johnson Laboratory for Americans to investigate!

  3. I believe in science, I mean there are a lot of people who will need this innovation. But, there are always malfunction with computers and mental cognition. Why, aren't the innovator and commentator discussing malware crashing?

  4. It’s a Trojan horse 🐴

  5. Sounds wonderful but scary. What if there's a power surge or, or, or, or some type of, of, of interference???

  6. this is the beginning of legitimate transhumanism, I've been waiting for this since the singularity happened in 1991 with a 486 DX2 50 on turbo mode. American Megatrends Bios was the beginning.

  7. Sorry feeling a little glitchy today….

  8. It is a Big Deal – Interface that creates – direct connection 💯✔ HALLELUYAH you can also do it through mediations of Sacred Name of the Most High in Hebrew as Preventing Medicine.

  9. %%%%~¥~~~¥@American virus/American flu
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  10. For all those idiots opposed to this,have them sit and talk with some one with a brain injury!!!

  11. The last 10 years of tech that have passed in the pandemic are catching up to us. The data science fields will change the world over the next few decades. Let’s hope for eutopian things.

    Per Aspera Ad Astra

  12. Goodbye Free Will hello ulterior motives when it gets perverted


    Guaranteed, no need for due process with that thing installed— you’ll be whatever they say you are! :

    This technology has been long since horribly abused: courtesy of the scoundrels of globalism.


  15. Fox News:. Why won't you interview Mike Lindell, who has "important, relevant findings to share with AMERICAN CITIZENS?
    Are you now posturing with FAKE NEWS?🧐

  16. I alreddy gots the Bain chrip & now I'm sooper intejalant and kan bee a brain trust for a huje korparaton mayking big money!!!!!

  17. We need Covaxin in the USA

  18. No, they won't. The Holy Spirit hinder and stop the antichrist spirit, no beast system. Deliver us, Lord Jesus from such evil people. Exposure them all and judge them. You are a Fair Judge.

  19. Question: is that a one way path (brain to device) or can instruction go both ways?

  20. What happens when they turn off the electricity

  21. Is 'Syngenor' also getting FDA approval?

  22. NWO. The covid vaccine is the start to allow this to occur

  23. Like an evil frito lays plot

  24. And they thought Elm Street was a nightmare People stay awake as long as you can because these nightmares just got real and it won't be my Brian's

  25. Chips belong on poker tables no chips for Americans no way !!!%

  26. Can this technology bypass spinal cord injury and restore limbs functionality?

  27. Conspiracy theories abound…🤫🤔

  28. Alot of people dont like this I notice when reading the comments. I can get that. Our trust in government is at an all time low and this is not our fault. The thing I find shocking is the lack of interest in the government to make us trust them again. They just dont seem to care we dont trust them. In any normal relationship, you cut that person off asap.

  29. Wonder if brain chips work well with adrenachrome?

  30. The only bad thing about this chip is that if you don’t pay for premium service you have to sit through 5 min ads.

  31. I'm sure China has already stolen this technology… Or Xiden and Hunter have sold it to them.

  32. sounds like the movie "upgrade"
    didn't end well.

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