Thursday , November 26 2020
Home / News / Syria decision might be the biggest mistake in Trump's tenure: Velicovich

Syria decision might be the biggest mistake in Trump's tenure: Velicovich

FOX Business’ Trey Yingst reports from Israel on the Syria-Turkey conflict. Then former Delta Force member Brett Velicovich gives his perspective on the conflict.

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  1. No more American lives lost in endless wars.

    We're not the policeman on the world.

  2. What a bunch of bozos you dont care about Americans you only care about other people who dont benefit us at all.

  3. That's not our problem anymore

  4. I think the US needs to get the Turks and the Kurds on the same side, fighting their common enemies. I think the solution is a diplomatic one, not a military one.

  5. I want to use eco warfare on Turkey. Erogan is Arrogant.

  6. Pull our troops out now. Thank you Mr President for removing out troops from these senseless wars

  7. How many troops are there? 100-150….unbelievable….Trump derangement syndrome is real lol

  8. back to war mongering Fox news?

  9. No mater what trump do these fuckers will blame him.

  10. Syrian war will continue till Assad killed or hanged

  11. Bring our military home and let NATO take care of this. We're sick and TIRED of being the world's police!!!

  12. Guess I need Glenn Beck to put on a board every nation we are currently fighting or a nice blackboard of my own to really know even a little of the fighting. A Risk board.

  13. They really do not want to leave huh?
    I just assume most american wanted to leave this senseless wars. Maybe i am wrong

  14. There was no end game. None. Ending operations would be abandonment no matter when. Now or in ten, twenty years.

  15. the war in the first place was the biggest mistake now stfu and let him get us out of there.

  16. Americans were helping the Kurds to fight ISIS on their OWN territory. ISIS fighters were far more of a danger to the Syrians than they were to Americans.

  17. Maybe you should go back there then. The Kurds were helping themselves with our help. Now is the time for them to help themselves again by themselves

  18. what dont you news reporters and outlets understand.. NOT OUR FIGHT, NEVER WAS. there's hundreds of nations sitting on the sidelines, there's even conflicting evidence whether the majority of the kurds are even terrorists or not. but we are not judge jury and executioners of the world. we can take all these resources and improve health care technologies and scientific research to advance the lives of all people including these rather than starting these stupid wars and funding munition makers.

  19. PKK is the Kurdish terrorist organization, established in the 1970's in fact, and that is who Turkey has gone in to fight. Over the years the PKK has made regular incursions across the border to blow up people in Turkey. The U.S., Australia, EU, Turkey and I don't know who all else has declared the PKK to be a terrorist organization.

    These people all conveniently omit the fact that the U.S. created Al Queda, trained funded and armed them and we also created ISIS. Obama was having military supplies, weapons and money funneled into ISIS since ISIS was originated. It was only after Trump was elected that we began to actually fight ISIS. Under Obama, we were in there fighting with ISIS against the Syrian army that was backed up by Russia in fact. The whole Benghazi thing happened because we were funneling weapons in to ISIS in Syria through the Benghazi compound.

    Sure the PKK will be our brothers in arms if we give them money and weapons too. Useful idiots would be a better description for it because the PKK are NOT our brothers in arms. The PKK has been bringing in Antifa and training them in terrorist fighting for a significant period of time. The Antifa terrorists then go back to the west to infiltrate various countries they can get in to. Are we still stupid enough to consider these people our brothers in arms?

    There are Syrian military embedded with the Turks going into the northern held Kurdish areas to take out the PKK. PKK is just like the Al Queda, Taliban, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Mujahedin(and whoever else I missed). Ironically, if all these terrorist groups across the sand pile would all unite somehow they could take over the entire Middle East into one big caliphate. Fortunately, I guess, they all hate each other too so uniting is not likely.

  20. We don't need the Kurds, we don't need to be in Syria.
    We need to have as little interaction with the middle east as possible.
    If ISIS becomes a problem again, directly effecting U.S. security and interests, then reevaluate our options.

  21. our only effort is to exterminate the region.

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