Sunday , April 18 2021
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Taking Mum & Dexter to London Fashion Week! | Fashion Mumblr

A daily vlog of the final day of London Fashion Week – I decided to take Mum to her first ever LFW show, and Dexter too!!!

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  1. Why didn't Dickens go along? PS my dog Scruffy Bear loves it when I bring home new dresses!

  2. Your mum is a sweetheart!

  3. great mom and a great necklace!

  4. Your mummy is adorable, as is your doggy! x

  5. Your mum still as a nice figure not like some Midwest Moms.

  6. Love your vlogs, get a little tired of hauls that feel like you're just selling us. Thanks

  7. i have question by the way i love the way you style your clothing you choose are beautiful the colors gorgeous on your skin tone rose gold, grays, tan colors pink blush colors

  8. How long did your doggie have to spend in the car, probably not long, as I know you love him soooo much! Your mum is so beautiful!

  9. WOW! That was super fun. And the clothes were amazing. Love all your goody boxes too.

  10. I love your ted baker necklace 🙂 I think it is going on my Christmas list

  11. What nail polish color are you wearing?

  12. Your Mum is so beautiful & sweet xx

  13. Your mom is a doll! I loved her neck scarf. She looked great 😄

  14. Hi love your videos I was wondering if you have any tips to keep lipstick on the lips longer. I have tried so many supposedly long lasting lipsticks but they don't seem to last. X

  15. Your mum is so cute, lovely vlog xx

  16. Yes to Vlogtober but don't drive yourself if you can't vlog everyday. Love seeing your vlogs but you need to look after you too. X

  17. Your mom is a little fashionista!😍

  18. Yassss! Please do vlogtober! Love watching your daily vlogs! X

  19. I see where you get your class from! Your mother is lovely!! Can't wait for vlobtober!!

  20. Please do Vlogtober! I'd definitely watch!

  21. Where did she say the boots came from? Sorry, i wasn't able to catch it.

  22. Hi Hun x yay to vlogtober !!! Lovely video with you mum , she seemed really sweet & nice xx

  23. Love that you took your mum hope you both had a fab time your both so elegant and glamorous xx

  24. Yes to vlogtober! Those boots are gorgeous x

  25. Yes to vlogtober (okay my phone wanted to autocorrect that to 'clog toner' what😳) but anyway yes! That's how I found you originally and I love your vlogs xxx

  26. Vlogtober would be lovely 💞

  27. It's so good to see your channel growing so quickly x

  28. Really enjoyed the Vlog, definitely do vlogtober! Any video from you is one I look forward to seeing x

  29. Love all Philosophy products! That should be fun!

  30. Gorgeous necklace! Yaaaaay to vlogtober!!!

  31. You are taking Dexter and probably leave him in the car during the show? How cruel is that…would'nt be better to leave him at home? So sad.

  32. vlogtober…..yes please film it….your mom is sweet and pretty…..

  33. Do Vlogtober!!!!! Absolutely love the vlogs and seeing Dexter

  34. Love your vlog, keep doing it, thumbs up !!!! 🙂

  35. Yes to vlogtober. Love your videos. X

  36. Yes to VlogTober!! Love your vlogs so much more detail than others plus your so down to earth unlike other bloggers! 😊💗

  37. Absolutely massive YES to vlogtober many thanks

  38. Your Mother is the cutest! I can see where you get your good taste from!

  39. Yes to vlogtober !! Your channel is growing so fast at the minute, I'm so proud aha ! I'm actually so obsessed with your style & channel ! Love you ❤️

  40. Thanks Josie it's gorgeous, I spent all afternoon looking for a similar color. 🙂. I've seen you kiss your baby dog I do the same he's like my third child and I spoil him to death.

  41. Yes to Vlogtober!!! I think you could hit 60k easily by the end of it lol. I love your vlogs so much, this one was fantastic (rubbish fashion week vlogging? silly Josie). No pressure to upload every day but it's always nice looking forward to more than your regular uploads during a vlogging month like that, a mix of vlogs and sit down videos sounds fabulous. 🙂

  42. Yes, yes,yes to Vlogtober. Your Mum is adorable!

  43. So lovely taking your mum and she's getting right into it! love Dexter's nonchalants. Yes to vlogtober with no pressure! 😆 😚

  44. I absolutely love your vlogs!! Your style is just impeccable and I try to mirror it, it's very classy. 😊💁🏼

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