Saturday , July 31 2021
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Tanker smuggling Iranian oil heads to Syria: report

FOX Business foreign policy analyst Walid Phares and Sebastian Gorka, former strategist to President Trump, react to a report that a tanker carrying Iranian oil is heading to Syria and is in violation of American sanctions.

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  1. Iran zindabad zindabad
    Israel murdabad murdabad
    Amreica murdabad murdabad
    Trump dag dag dag dag

  2. Oils sales between to sovereign states is not smuggling you idiots

  3. america: im gonna saction you russia
    russia" america does not sanctions Russia, russia sanctions america

  4. Well I guess it’s pretty obvious China owns parts of Australia’s Communication and government officials

  5. The parasites American's doesn't understand them self's!

  6. China 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 thats funny

  7. I don't trust NATO. France Germany.

  8. No Iran is not desperate. Iran can easily sale its oil in black market. US economy under trump is all fake soon the entire US economy will loose just like the US farmers did. Just ask US farmers how good US economy is.

  9. Why people care about others we live in a free world .

  10. US sanctions? Am i the only crazy person asking, how is another country, a sovereign country has to obey the laws imposed on it by another more powerful country. Chinese sanctions don't apply on US do they ?

  11. First of all a sovereign country doesn't smuggle anything,the tanker is just delivering oil

  12. Iran smuggling millions of barrel of its own oil… come on fox news you are all idiots..

  13. When will these fools try to understand that iran does not care about USA laws. America putting sanction on syria doesnt mean that iran must do the same… Iran is not under america jurisdiction.. let me ask a question… if iran put ssnction on arms sale to israel, will america stop sending or sell arms to israel because of iran sanction?

  14. Wonder who is USA to tell others to whom they can sell or not their products.
    It's incredible how these ppl seem to be proud with their military presence around the World.
    Unfortunatelly the maiority of the Countries where USA as bases, dont have enough balls and dignity to put them out of there, as usual money "talks"

  15. ISIS & the Taliban – Exterminate – Period! Cavemen

  16. Sorry Australia – Hours? Not even Close!

  17. You mother fockers killed millions of innocents when you bombed Iraq, Libya and Syria, now have your eyes on Iran, well..the Iranian people have news for you cocksuckers, If Iran goes down so will the European terrorist colony Isra-hell!

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