Thursday , November 26 2020
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Target cuts worker hours after vowing to raise minimum wage

Strategic Resource Group’s Burt Flickinger discusses retail’s future as industry leaders innovate.

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  1. Not surprised…No, business wants to give up their current take home pay.

  2. WE WARNED YOU. Walmart did the same thing and people think its GREAT. Screw off stupid. These are "starter jobs" they were never meant to be career moves. Get a freakin clue.

  3. Great 'Job' Snowflakes; now two jobs may work with no insurance :O

  4. Rediculous raise minimum wage and then cut employees hours what good does that do.

  5. Same is already happening for Whole Foods employees under Amazon

  6. WOW !! CEO , Brian Cornell, WHAT ? pay p
    Peter to Pay Paul !! don't you make enough ? don't let your workers think you are doing them a Favor………… in 2020, many will be getting $ 15.00 an hour, then you are cutting hours ? you are such an inspiration to the …………… Employees NOT !!

  7. I bet the wages were cut on people with seniority ! Age old practice cut time so they don’t have to pay for healthcare, vacation and sick time. Yet, they will still work the hours and even overtime during the holidays.
    The policy reads something like if you work full time hours for 2months you will get full time status back, so they send them home or schedule them short one week out of 2 months! It’s a dirty trick that many businesses use.

  8. Loss of retail jobs is expected due to tariffs on China.

  9. Well Well Well…this is what the Democratic Socialist have accomplished, cutting workers hours…WOW…

  10. Walmart in-home grocery: InstaCart is already doing it for retailers Wegman, Whole Foods, Costco, etc

  11. How does solar change the difference of people working? I mean huge buildings that must be at a constant temperature will not last if you use solar. (Unless they are net metering with solar for power companies)
    How many panels dose it take to recharge their battery banks?
    Again how is solar relative to people working in a business.

  12. this is simple economics and is the thing that is totally lost with liberals. main reason why they should no longer be running this country. I mean, who didn't set this as the result of the minimum wage hike?

  13. Where are all of the liberal trolls defending Target? LoL

  14. America destroyed by design from within. By socialists communist democrats corrupt cartel party. Trump 2020. Democrats Party Extinction!!

  15. Gotta move the money around baby.

  16. Ofcourse…moronic dim ocrat agenda

  17. Boycott Target 🇺🇸🤘

  18. Well duh, wtf did they think was going to happen ???

  19. Let them pay me more. Health care system sucks

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