Target pulls some LGBTQ+ products from stores

Also, the FTC is investigating baby formula makers to see if they colluded in state contract bids, and Ford decides to keep AM radio on 2024 models. SUBSCRIBE to ABC News on YouTube: https://bit. ly/2vZb6yP Latest Updates: Watch FULL EPISODES on Hulu: #news #target #ftc #lgbtqplus #baby formula #abcnews

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. I'm surprised that more people don't realize they're literally advocating for the castration of young boys so they won't become men and have the strength and aggression to stand up against them. It's exactly what is done to cattle and horses to make them more tame and controllable.

  2. Godless ignorance. Read the book.

  3. I don’t care if it’s left or right, just stop shoving politics down our throats and making things political when it’s not political. Just shut up.

  4. Stop supporting women face

  5. Target is about sexualizing children.

  6. I identify as an aardvark! Where’s my swimsuit display? 😉

  7. Degenerates deserve only infinite scorn.

  8. Why does anyone care what billion dollar corporations and beer companies do? Everything's a culture war. Who cares man. Enjoy your life. When I am on my deathbed one day I certainly won't be thinking "man I wish I had worried more about corporate marketing strategies and culture wars".

  9. When they said they were coming for your children, they weren’t joking. Even Ray Charles can see this. I hope Target tanks as bad as Bud Light.

  10. Get rid of ALLLLLL of it. Dumpster fire!

  11. #Target must go bankrupt for pushing pro pedo clothing for toddlers and babies

  12. I Never Liked Target anyway

  13. Bye, bye, Target. Repent and believe the Good news.

  14. No limit to what good people can accomplish when they band together for a just cause!
    Gratifying to see Target & Bud Light reap what they've sown!

  15. It's their choice. If they lose business, they lose business. I don't shop there anyway.

  16. Well am NOT ever going to target anymore 🖕

  17. They weren’t for women they were for children

  18. DO NOT BUY IN THAT STORE… poor quality, they pay little to the staff… boycott

  19. Please everyone, don't go to this pos store forever.
    This has got to stop. Shame on that store.
    Hell I won't even say the name .

  20. Target loses $9B in week following boycott calls over LGBTQ-friendly kids clothing
    NY Post, By Ariel Zilber
    May 25, 2023 

    You gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers! 📉