Monday , September 27 2021
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Tax the rich backfires in Connecticut

FBN’s Gerri Willis discusses how Connecticuts tax the rich efforts are falling short.


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  1. California has room for you liberal bastards from east coast.

  2. Must be the Russians fault

  3. Well tax the rich in every state. As it should be

  4. OK. So the rich people get pissed off at their high taxes. So they leave and takes their tax money with them. They go to low tax states and vote for the same people that will raise their taxes. WTF

  5. I love watching the leftist democrats in the leftist states hit the panic button as the rich leave due to their continuing to increase the taxes on the wealthy, so they can give that money to their low hanging fruit base, in exchange for their vote.

  6. You forced people to move to where they would rather live anyway. Politicians are idiots.

  7. Gotta love the socialist liberal mentality, GEE go figure the taxs went up and the people rebelled. GEE, go figure. How stupid are these politicians that do this kind of taxation. People can move and they do when this happens. Look out California is next.

  8. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs" When taxes are low, revenue is high. When taxes are high, revenue is low. Other words, don't punish people for working.

  9. Why do the state have that much money?,why isn’t that money taking care of the citizens?

  10. the radical DEMratts all about stealing other people money.

  11. They are going to tax the rich again, because that's all they got.

  12. Why is it that rich politicians want to tax themselves only during election time?
    Because idoits believe them.

  13. Another fine how do you do by democrats

  14. Of course it DIDN'T work! The rich spend a LOT OF THEIR $$$$$$$ on the stuff that AMERICANS MANUFACTURE, BUY AND USE! Homes, , boats, cars, clothes, trips ,
    The rich spend lots of $$$$$$$$ on the stuff American workers make!
    That is the BIG SECRET PRESIDENT TRUMP KNEW! Manufacturers MAKE things, and Americans BUY things, and the more $$$$$$$$$ people have , the more $$$$$$$$
    They spend on the things they get paid to make………….It 's somewhat of a circle, you more $$$$$$ you have , the more $$$$$$$You spend , and the more people work for $$$$ to spend…………………..

  15. People deserve the government they vote for. I have no sympathy for liberal devastated cities or states. If a city or state is stupid enough to vote for a Democrat government, it deserves the problems and misery democrats invariably bring. And they shouldn't be allowed to flee those S-holes they've created and go elsewhere to screw up another part of the country.

  16. The Iron Curtain was built to stop productive people from leaving.

  17. Do you know always think they're ministrations you believing taxing the most richest people out of their cities they don't realise for one minute he must be a little bit inadequate in the brain cell area these people Richard enough to up sticks and move to another state with a not text you out the house and home this is the ideology of the Democrats leaving that you can tax people out there house and home and Caesar properties in living and yourselves and live the life they will live in because you've taken the money and the working classes II's and give it to yourselves

  18. Connecticut deserves what they get. Let the democrats in and out you go, bankruptcy.

  19. Is anyone surprised at this ? Wrong people are in charge !

  20. Democrats, this is what happens when you give away everyone's sh_t.

  21. New York New Jersey California Connecticut, wonder why people and companies are fleeing – these states soon to bankrupt due to higher taxes to fund the poor, fund the illegals, hurt the middle class.

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