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Taylor Swift dethrones Beyoncé as highest-paid woman in music

Taylor Swift is now the highest-paid woman in the music industry. The newly political pop star dethroned Beyonce in the most recent report from Forbes.

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  1. Beyoncé's still more popular though.

  2. Haha jealous beehive dislikes

  3. Can't wait for Beyoncé to start writing and copywriting all her own music.

  4. Beyoncé is Trash with money. Crooked daddy crooked husband. If you think differently your an idiot. She is soooo dilusional and out of touch. Her music sucks. It's so ghetto!

  5. R.I.P. Taylor. You already know what happens to artists when they cross Beyoncé. If I were you, I'd donate some of that money to charity…and quickly. May U Live 2 See the Dawn.

  6. Kanye made this chick famous

  7. lady gaga must be on 1st place

  8. Not only is the title misleading, but its just plain wrong. Taylor Swift is the highest paid women THIS YEAR just because of what FORBES has recorded. Beyonce hasnt actually updated her FORBES thing in years. Taylor Swift is the highest paid in JUST MUSIC SALES. Beyonce has that netfilx deal rolling around, Rihanna has her makeup industry, trust me this isn't impressive. They really expect us to believe that Taylor Swift is the highest paid female in music as of now? This video is basically click bait. Do your own research, its not technically true.

  9. Actually I don't listen to non-Christian music because it is linked to terrorism an I hope our Devine savior Trump bans this Terrorist Subhuman, Vermin, Enemy of the United States Propaganda and executes all these non-Christian music artists including Taylor Swift!!!

  10. when Beyoncé gets back to work she will be back on top

  11. Taylor Swift = Overrated Snowflake

    Beyonce = Not as good as she used to be in her Destiny's Child and early solo years but still a legend.

  12. Can’t wait till Beyoncé comes back and embarrasses her

  13. Taylor better enjoys the spotlight, for now, It's not gonna be long before Beyonce reclaims her throne. And makes Taylor BOW DOWN!! hehehe

  14. Who cares.. I hate them both.

  15. Take that! bitches and hoes.

  16. Also beat her in the most annoying category.

  17. Taylor Swift sold her soul like Katy, Miley and Beyoncé did. These, like so many celebrities, crave the love of the world to the point that they will give up everything to receive it. Has anyone considered that to achieve this level of fame you have to adopt, let’s say a “hedonistic” lifestyle? The price for fame is VERY high and when the world is through with you they will chew you up and spit you out.

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