Taylor Swift Fans Sue Ticketmaster Over Pre-Sale Disaster

Taylor Swift fans are suing Live Nation Entertainment for a laundry list of anti-competitive practices, arguing that led to soaring ticket prices for Swift’s upcoming “The Eras Tour.” NBC News legal analyst Danny Cevallos breaks down what fans are alleging and whether they have a legitimate case against the ticketing industry giants.  

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  1. Taylor Swift should just sell tickets on website At reasonable prices, instead putting her trust in Tickmaster & Live Nation, cause it's going to Disaster every single time, Live Nation is taking full advantage of Taylor Swift and Venus across the country, I never seen Taylor Swift in concert or even meet her in person @TaylorSwift

  2. Digital ticketing (even when it works as designed) is standing between fans and the events that they would like to see. Too often I'm seeing tickets being advertised for outrageous amounts and I don't purchase the tickets. Then I tune in on TV and there are thousands of empty seats. Straight up price gouging it is.
    What is face value of tickets these days anyway???

  3. Rather watch GG Allin on YouTube or my collection for free .

  4. I bought merchandise from the TS store and got promised the codes, 10 hours in line for pre-sale NO TICKETS, in line with CapOne, SOLD OUT in 28 minutes! S C A M

  5. What a waste of money. They should be thanking Ticketmaster for saving them money. Concerts are nothing but money grabs and dealing with concertgoers who were brought up in a barn.

  6. This is a bunch of BULL!!!!! To act like this over a Taylor Swift concert! Lmfao ….The JUDGE should laugh and throw everyone out! Instead of her fans looking at it like maybe God is keeping them away from another mass shooting or something! That's how I would've perceived it and said well Thank you Jesus! But that's just me I guess!

  7. I wouldnt even let such people sing

  8. I used to have 3 or 4 options where to purchase tickets. How did this result with Ticketmaster becoming the monopoly? This needs to change and quickly or concert and game events will have no audience as the bots and scalpers will have most of the tickets. Folks, refuse to purchase re-sale tickets from these thieves.

  9. It's so unfair that Ticketmaster is basically a monopoly and controls the prices of tickets. It's great that fans are taking action and suing them – hopefully this will lead to more competition in the industry and fairer prices for fans.

  10. I’ll just keep buying CD’s and listen to my music at home. I’d love to go to concerts, but they have become a money grab and I’m not buying into that insanity. On the flip side, streaming music platforms are insanely abusive of performers and I’m not willing to dance that dance either.

  11. Wow wow good sisters ok thanks good

  12. When suckers stop paying a premium for tickets, scalpers will give up.

  13. Nope..ticket master needs to go! It’s ridiculous how they give people first chance then upscale the tickets more than 50% over asking price and the fees are just ridiculous!

  14. Elon released Twitters censorship files

  15. Taylor swift fans can't even name the drummer, or the guitar player or the bass player 🤣

  16. This isn't a Ticketmaster problem. There are a few thousand tickets available and there are 15 million low IQ teenage Swift fans looking for those tickets. The result is 14 million disappointed low IQ teenagers.

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  18. Good! Ticket master, live nation, need to be stopped. Outrageous prices to see a concert.

  19. 👆 – FIND YOUR LOVE IN YOU CITY! ♂🍒l💥

  20. 👆 – HOT GIRLS PICS FOR YOU 😍❤o😍

  21. I paid 1200 for two tickets in the 112 section at her Tampa concert. F ticket master!

  22. absolutely, TicketMaster is a scalper with a company name

  23. Omg who cares! I wouldn't go see her if she was around the corner!!

  24. Looks like ticket master bought all the old Democrat dominion voter machine

  25. Pearl Jam tried to take on Ticketmaster in '94 for many of these reasons. Hopefully, the Swifties can win.

  26. Rich white woman become richer without working