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Taylor Swift's new album 'Lover' includes star-studded collaborations, juicy lyrics

Taylor Swift’s new album “Lover” is finally here.

Her highly anticipated album includes a collaboration with the Dixie Chicks and some juicy lyrical references.

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  1. Another trashy ho like Miley. Go away old lady act your age.

  2. lol shes fit end of
    regards London 😎

  3. Hanging out with the dixie d%=ks. GROSS

  4. Terrible album.

    Hold onto your money folks.

    Babymetal's new album is much better.

  5. How can I block this channel and block E channel news too🤔

  6. 😒 sometimes i have to agree with. The orange moron when he says the press is the enemy of the people. Im so tired of the media pushing these "artists" on thw world while real talented people are in obscurity.

  7. Dude I don't even know who she is..

  8. Isn’t it nice that her insane, brainwashed fans attacked her own dad because he is pro-police. Such nice, tolerant left-minded people following you, Taylor.

  9. Hey usa today next time dont do a story on someone who legitimately sucks that's why you're at only 1m subs you suck

  10. Why is this whats popping up on the news and not things that are important like the amazons?

  11. Taylor Swift is a demonic androgynous tranny with a bigger adams apple than Arnold Schwarzenegger. I pity the people who blindly worship these abominations born in a lab.

  12. Just uploaded a Music Video i made for Taylor!! ♥♥😘😍😉❤❤

  13. This is not news! YouTube need to check the definition of news and adjust accordingly. Taylor Swift is not news.

  14. It's an Album that's Geared Towards Many Different Lives,Shapes and Forms!! I'm Here From It 🖤♥️

  15. First one she’ll own but didn’t write

  16. Taylor’s daddy paid for this ad just like her career

  17. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  18. To all the haters, Taylor Swift's net worth is an estimated $360 million as of June 2019. I have a strange feeling she doesn't care what you think. Oh, by the way, the Dixie Chicks were right.

  19. Streamed it and she should change the title to "Victim Complex." No T, no shade, no pink lemonade…but Taylor please get the help you need. Here's hoping "Soon You'll Get Better."

  20. I honestly think she is over covered by the media.

  21. That is an LGBT rainbow skank and useless eating capitalist from Nashville Babylon, their DEATHS are coming in civil chaos and the looming 2nd civil war. Workers and Socialists KILL freeloading capitalists, that is just the way it is and should always be.

  22. Like most of the Illuminati pawns they have to commit to Satan, she will get her's in the end and she knows it

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