Tuesday , June 22 2021
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Teacher discusses reopening schools

A Chicago teacher says stakes are too high for in-person learning.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. If you’re not willing to put the welfare of your children ahead of yourself then find another job

    -Fellow Teacher

  2. Dats rill gurl gown n tell em sissa gurl yeeeeeeee

  3. Meanwhile she probably stops at her local grocery store or McDonald’s everyday where those people have to go to work…
    Teachers have delusions of grandeur….they need to get back to work just like the rest of America.

  4. This is the problem with Public employee's. In which Unions should not be allowed to operate as such likewise we see in the Military.
    Either do as we ask or terminate service's. It should be plan and simple.

  5. Guys listen – I hate it, and I know it sucks, but you can't reopen schools, bars, theaters, crowded public venues just because a trend shows an improvement. There has to be a long-lasting trend of improvement followed by a period of very low levels of new cases. Only then will it be safe to ease into a return to normalcy. Otherwise we stand the chance of going back and forth, up and down, month after month, and that's not what we want. It could turn into years and years if we keep playing with it. We want to kill this thing and be done with it. We want our lives back.

  6. Fake she probably not even a teacher

  7. My grandchildren been going to school all along they don't want to work

  8. This lady is obviously stupid and ignorant. You can tell just by looking at her.

  9. Reopen cowards or find another job! Worthless! Parents are doing more than any of u teachers anyways! Parents should be getting paid your salary since you’re too dayum scared to do your job! Pathetic

  10. This teacher is a freaking dance teacher lol…. She just want to stay home and collect a paycheck while doing the bare minimum! Her position is expendable and can be easily replaced…. FIRE HER along with all the rest of the these anti- science tyrants who are hell bent on holding children’s education hostage. Keeping schools closed any longer is child abuse and education neglect. Period.

  11. This comments section is full of people who don't think wearing masks and quarantining works, and don't realize it's because there are so many people like them – who won't do it.

  12. "stop the apps!!!""too many !! having a meltdown""

  13. Teachers who don’t want to teach and still want a check are parasites. I’m a nurse working this whole time. Get over it sissies! Kids need school

  14. Everyone is seeing the sudden reopening prove it was political all along.

  15. Quit being lazy! Just admit you don’t want to do your job!

  16. "Learn from the universe, not the universities"

  17. Stay safe everyone from the corona virus the risk to the American people and the world 🌎💉

  18. They don't teach they indoctrinate kids are better staying away from such propagandists she is not a role model. Definitely not a hero.


  20. Please, please, I beg you, don’t reopen. Just close the doors and throw away the key. Our children are so much better off without you.

  21. well…. the pajamas she's wearing for this video makes me think someone just doesn't want to get dressed and is using safety as an excuse

  22. Vaccinate them without parents permission

  23. I don’t care about teachers, they don’t care about our kids. FIRE THEM ALL

  24. Take ur kids out of public school they've been taken over by liberal and do nothing for the kids…
    One worse then the next

  25. " teacher has control issues, Abc thinks it is relevant." Fixed.

  26. This school year is a wash. Those kids didn’t learn anything remotely. We should just have a do over year next year. Meaning that everyone gets left back.

  27. If this mindless zombie is your teacher your better off staying home. She can't even effectively pretend it's even her own words she's reading.

  28. Lol but yet most of these "too scared to teach in person" type teachers are out all the time at whichever bar is open. I see the snaps n IG stories every day

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