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Teacher welcomes students to class in awesome way | Humankind

Mary Schulz greeted each student with the same enthusiasm. Which is your favorite? 🤗
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Mary Schulz hadn’t seen her students in person for months, so she makes every morning count with these safe and amazing greetings.

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  1. All those poor children, being subjugated into ritualistic abuse. These indoctrination centers should be shut down. The tenth plank of the Communist Manifesto has no place in true American society.

  2. I wish , my children will teach from him.

  3. Masks look disgusting on those poor children

  4. I love 💕 this idea 💡💪🏾

  5. Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  6. Waoooo like this beautiful ❤️

  7. Feeling very happy to see children happy in school . Their teacher is awesome 😍. Love from Kerala,India ❤️.

  8. A nose out of a mask makes the mask ineffective, it's dangerous

  9. She’s one awesome and amazing teacher to remember all those different greetings!!!!

  10. Salutations everyone! Merry Merry Christmas…all best and bright wishes."

  11. Its so good to see that type of people who helps and love other people right?

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