Thursday , January 20 2022
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Teachers purchasing supplies for students is a growing trend | USA TODAY

Teachers are supplying classrooms out of their own pay.

Alexandra Daniels, a 6th grade teacher in Montgomery County, Maryland, uses two percent of her own meager salary each year to buy classroom supplies.

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  1. I have always bought my kids stuff … had a supply closet in my utility room I live in NJ …
    I see alot of minority take hand outs but mainly African americans. ..
    They ride around in fancy cars nails done hair done expensive cellphones but can't afford a book bag, 10 cent copy book or crayons…. go figure .. but their kids will show up at school with 200$ pair of jordans or labrons

  2. THAT is NOT going on here in my school district 😡!!!! LAST year OUR school asked people to donate school supplies. THOSE supplies were supposed to be GIVEN to the children of poor families. BUT, the school locked up the supplies and SOLD the items to the students throughout the school year. UN-FREAKIN'-BELIEVABLE!!!!

  3. I think this is bullshit because I know most churches collect money to buy school supplies for the kids in their parish or in their town so if you’re buying school supplies you’re just looking for some sympathy what a joke!!! I haven’t met a good teacher in so long that my hair went from black to gray!!! Most teachers today are leftist liberal’s and shouldn’t even have a teaching license most teachers today are leftist liberal‘s and shouldn’t even have Teaching Credentials!!!!!! Oh and by the way the 99 Cent store sells everything you’re talking about!!!!

  4. I call BS. We (parents…in "progressive California) are routinely demanded to buy supplies and we do. No one is asking teachers to do that and they shouldn't.

  5. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for some of the teachers I had. Teachers are so important, yet receive so little pay for such hard work.
    Unfortunately, our society doesn't place much value on education, which is really sad.

  6. She mentioned that in summers/ vacation, teachers are not paid, is it the case in USA? I am shocked.

  7. Parents fault. We have too many single parents in America

  8. Best education top 20, US isn't there..

  9. You are a great teacher! The person in you is simply awesome!!!

  10. and the Trump tax plan does not allow her to write them off anymore.

  11. This is so wonderful a lot of teachers are bitter and would not do this..

  12. GOP/MAGA = Anti-Education Anti-Human Anti-Children Terrorists…

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