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Tearful Eyewitness Describes Boulder Shooting: 'I Couldn't Help Anybody' | NBC News NOW

Sarah Moonshadow said she and her son were at a King Soopers checkout when she heard multiple gunshots.
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‘I Couldn’t Help Anybody’: Tearful Eyewitness Describes Boulder Shooting | NBC News NOW


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  1. I hope she get therapy for this, she loved her fellow human kind and will have survivors guilt 😭 this is so sad

  2. Screw NBC and sexist laws that don’t allow women to be equal in combat by carrying a gun!

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  6. really pathetic acting. disgraceful

  7. CRISIS ACTORS. why cant people see thru this? Its about gun control.

  8. Hoax onn. Time to use your brain people for whats really going on. Wake up sheeples.

  9. PROP AGENDA what's really sad about this is that ppl have no clue.

  10. Seems when ever there is a bill presented before the house regarding gun control these shootings happen, seems to be a pattern.

  11. She needs to get a grip and hold it together.

  12. The Syrian in Denver was on the FBI watch list around the world and the FBI allowed him to pass a background check.

  13. It's not your fault it's the CIA's fault for creating the mind controlled programmed slave to push a gun grab agenda.

  14. This hurt my heart.
    How can this happen at a grocery store ?
    Where each and everyday families, friends, and everyone shop.

    So much healing to the families, may Christ continue to be with them always✨
    Much prayers to all of the families that lost their loved ones. 🙏✝️

  15. Poor acting on her part. Next time Illuminati, get a better actor.

  16. This is literally unbelievable.

  17. I’m sorry but AOC sounds more credible than this lady. Who cries n talks like that? Her voice cracking more often than a prepubescent boy.

  18. If only the media of today had the same compation as the older white Man who did what any Man would do and that's to comfort a crying woman.

  19. My heart breaks. My home continues to be shot up and the government continues to allow crazies with guns to do what they want. My heart breaks when she says “I couldn’t help anybody.”

  20. The lying handsaw histochemically injure because sale continuously amuse pro a successful inventory. knowing, idiotic okra

  21. Oh no she's in shock it makes me cry 🥺🥺🥺

  22. Bad day for the shooter…i means…he’s pushing so much and he just couldn’t bear it anymore…so yeah…

  23. Oh my goodness, this is terrifying. I am so glad that they are safe. My condolences to the families who were affected.   Jesus is coming back, please live right, do good to others, those family members who are unstable around you, get them help so this does not keep repeating itself. Pray, pray, pray and love one another.

  24. Good way to pay back hospitality.

  25. Very sorry for the victims and family
    May God with them all

  26. I felt so bad for this poor woman and her son clearly shes been traumatized. God help her and son He knows th e carnage they witnessed. Man I had to go to Supermarket this morning. Iwas more conscience than ever before

  27. This is exactly how we felt when American Soldiers start shooting in our country.

  28. This is so heartbreaking to watch,,,, I can't imagine the trauma she and so many so many are experiencing right now,,,,,, I'm sooo sorry💔

  29. One day the son of man will come

  30. Text Now: Eight Five Six Three Two Four Seven Zero Seven Nine

  31. Poor girl. She's traumatised, bless her!!

  32. We got to remember we live in a fallen world

  33. I'm so sorry you had to witness this. Prayers for you. May they all RIP🙏

  34. That poor lady ❤️🙏🏻 bless her heart

  35. The poor woman was too distraught to be interviewed. Don't know if the guy knew her , but she needed a hug.

  36. Generals gather in their sashes, just like witches at black masses. Season of sacrifice started 3/22. Police all in black, judges all in black, lawyers all in black and priests all in black. MK Ultra at work here. Why do you think they call it the "March of War" Google image search for season of sacrifice, it is there for all to see.

  37. MUSLIM ISLAM MUSLIM ISLAM … just don't mention these words.

  38. I'm leaving the us for a safe haven

  39. fake news at it best. This is more a joe biden agenda to finally get them guns off the streets

  40. A deeply disturbed paranoid
    schizophrenic was allowed to
    purchase a military assault
    rifle no questions asked six
    days ago because a federal
    judge ruled they can't enforce
    an assault weapons ban ⚠️‼️

  41. Oh my. This poor lady what she was forced to endure. This is a sad time in America. I am for gun control. We need to get them out of the hands of people who are not capable of understanding the consequences of mushandling gun fire.

  42. i can relate to what she is going thru i lived and grew up in chicago il and one day i saw some people i dropped to the ground and about 7 shots rang out i know it is scary but to actually see someone lying dead no i have not seen that but god bless this officer and the other families

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