Friday , November 27 2020
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Tech CEO urges calm amid 'mass exodus' from Facebook's Libra

Co-founder and President of CoinList Andy Bromberg discusses why people need to calm down regarding companies who want to be part of the Libra currency.

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  1. Nobody on Earth trusts Facebook… so why on Earth would anyone trust Libra from Facebook!!

  2. down with libra shitcoin. down with zuck while we're at it.

  3. I hope Libra fails. It gets the foot in the door of a global currency controlled by unelected technocrats who are clearly biased left and do not hesitate to censor. Stay as far away from a China social credit system as possible.

  4. Zuckerberg looks about 5'6" like that psycho who shot up the republican baseball practice.

  5. how about getting the —- out of our personnel devices?????

  6. i am not a fan of libra, coz everyone will stop using cash and it is really against working class and companies. I would love cash and people not knowing how much capital everyone has. It is against our privacy.

  7. Libra is NOT Bitcoin, Libra will be regulated, and your transactions will be logged! Leave FB, they are not your friend!!

  8. Facebook is such garbage……how could Facebook-Libra not be also?

  9. Facebook kicked me off, because I would not give them my cell number.

  10. Facebook pushes libra because itself is dying?

  11. Wake up Patriots, they are trying to turn us into communism. Look at the NBA backing China instead of America.

  12. I do not have FB nor does anyone in my home. By the way that is by their choice. I personally will never have FakeBook again nor will my wife. Zuckerburg has shown his true colors and his agenda. We want no part of it.

  13. F..k Fu..erberg and his conjob "conbook" !

  14. WTF is Libra? Never heard of it. Is it a movie? Nacho libra?

  15. How about we take printing MONEY FROM THE "FED" AKA FOREIGN BANKS and back to the treasury. THEN Libra and other "crypto" currencies would be moot. Bring back Gold standard and REAL money. These currencies are the new "Tech" bubble…

  16. I'm sorry Mr data, leaving your company was in my best interests, I only hope more come to their senses and leave too.

  17. That's cuckerburgs nick name when him and Don lemon meet up… I am libra…..

  18. That's cuckerburgs new nick name… what up LiBRA !!!

  19. The American people say…. Nope.

  20. No thanks, leftist scum. We will be regulating soon after Trump wins again in the fall. Have a nice day.

  21. Yea, " Libra " don't think so Li8t@rd's. Anything with that kind of name coming from them type of people, any relatively smart business man would know to steer clear from that. Get woke, and go broke !

  22. Yeah every companies backed libra should be heavily regulated.

  23. Facistbook must be destroyed ! Cuckzuck LIED LIED LIED to every user and exploited our personal information and sold it to the highest bidder ! This scumbag deserves to rot in prison and his fortune and property divided up and every person that used FB GETS reimbursed for selling our data without consent. Rotten maggot !!

  24. Do not use Facebook or their crypto currency.

  25. Protect being anonymous online and free speech. Also people have the right to freedom from technology. Any digital currency should always have physical cash or coins for people that don’t use tech.

  26. Aw2 Facebook needs to lose millions

  27. We need that because fb put me in Jail all time.

  28. 10 million dollars to become apart of the libre crypto currency board member

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