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Tech oligarchs conspired to take out Trump: Hemingway

‘Rigged’ author explains how Mark Zuckerberg’s spending impacted the 2020 election on ‘Kudlow’ #FOXBusiness
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  1. 60 legal cases brought; 59 rejected. But this evidence does not matter to Republicans. This author objects to normal politics–mobilizing your supporters to go to the polls. Republicans don't want mail in voting during a pandemic.. It's better for people to go to the polls and catch a deadly virus. What b.s.!

  2. Its called cheating only way the dems can win simple as that

  3. I told my husband months before the election that "they" would find a way to cheat. I did not know how but I knew they were. I was right. I was not surprised.

  4. Nothing will change… Don't be surprised when he gets a second term. There's enough fresh body's coming from the southern Borden to keep giving him fresh blood transfusions…

  5. Con artists… They conned America and they've Conned their way into Power and are now conning and changing laws to get more and keep power….not a good idea

  6. A party that goes to these lengths to win…are the last people you want in Government.

  7. Mollie, is it preventable in 2022 ?

  8. Mollie, is it preventable in 2022 ?

  9. How is this news? This is just pure fact. He was doomed by big tech since gaining office, have you all seen the Google clip?

  10. Drop boxes were put in more Dem areas than Rep areas. ANY differences in access is "illigal" as laws to keep voting access equitable post Jim Crowe b.s. This drop box area stuffing strategies are illegal…

  11. I thought/ I and thought that in " The Amastad Project" showed where it was more. Sorry if memory has forgot.
    This is part of the exposure of the Corruption going on in Politics.
    Keep things simple "Truth and Honesty add integrity as well.

  12. Trump was not well prepared bcoz he didn't realise that the swamps were so deep and everywhere. Now he knows their tactics. I think these fake politicians corrupt deserve no respect from across the world

  13. What goes around comes around.

  14. It wasn't rigged, it was 'fortified'

  15. Special thanks to 👆 for the payment was successful I just received it now

  16. Special thanks to 👆 for the payment was successful I just received it now

  17. Hunter still smoking crack in the white house. Lets fo Brandon

  18. We need to fix this before 2022. No way we will never have fair elections ever

  19. Gee, I thought it was a good thing to give to non-profit groups. 'Rigged' makes a leap from charitable contribution to left-wing conspiracy. Spare me.

  20. Trump and Molly are both right.


  22. Wait until they figure out that China released the virus intentionally before the election, and Democrats protected them, and used it.

  23. These media idiots are about to lose there heads.

  24. When it gets down to it,certainly they had to stuff the boxes also.

  25. Only the blind will lead the blind.

  26. Really, and the naive, silly republicans are just now discussing this? The left runs circles around conservatives. The right couldn’t strategize out of a wet paper sack…

  27. There WAS collusion with Russia, it was proved and Trump was held to have obstructed justice. Have you even read the report?

  28. Should be made into a movie a non-fictional docudrama

  29. So… Of the almost 270 dislikes… Anyone think that's from those data farms, all of them little people going through republican posts aimed at normal American people. Silly little people running around, clicking all day. I wonder how much they get paid. Do they get a 10-99? 😂

  30. 🌳🩸क्रां क्रां क्रां मंगलदेव के शब्द🩸🌳👉गंदे भोसड़ा की गदगियों नीच धरती के समस्त इंसानों 🩸श्री शामरियादेव अर्थात् विजय कुमार हमारे पूजनीय जीजाजी हैं…that's it.🩸be extra …☠⚰☠⚰☠⚰☠⚰☠⚰☠⚰☠

  31. If you believe grandpa Biden got more votes than any president in history, you're a complete idiot.

  32. it served a purpose. COVID and no iver will be proved in 5 years something else. it is to achieve the next level.

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