Saturday , November 28 2020
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Ted Cruz: US companies shouldn't be censors for Chinese communists

During an exclusive interview with Maria Bartiromo, Sen. Ted Cruz, (R-TX), argues U.S. companies need to separate themselves from Chinese censorship. He also discussed his trip to Hong Kong.

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  1. So glad we have Ted instead of creepy plastic robot Beto. Just so you all know, when he says Texas loves me… we don't

  2. These greddy globalist benefits a lots from communist China, that why they are kneeling to them, too bad, New Shariff in Town.

  3. You must respect and obey the most glorious nation in China. I am so proud to be a Chinese. We are Chinese the smartest, strongest and greatest race.

  4. The corrupt Communist China want to eat the cake and keep the cake, too bad you lost both, under the real Yankees President Trump. Give them hell Chief.

  5. If the Chinese communist leaders were a noble people there would be a chance for a negotiated settlement with Hong Kong. But they are not! Their ancients were far wiser than today's generations. Ever since that first-degree murderer Mao took the helm the once great and noble Chinese have turned to the devil himself, while in their ignorance deny his existence. Today, they are liars, thieves and murderers. I deal with the wicked spirit of belligerence every day. And this class of men never back down. Their own ideology is their god that always betrays every noble virtue.

  6. It will be great to see Americans, Europeans and Australians unite together against China as Chineese fist has already reached their socio-economic lives. This NBA thing is just a trailer. I am sure Chineese money is poured into the traitors and this is causing a lot of unrest in USA. We now know for a fact that this happned and happening in Australia.

    Act fast or be slaves.

  7. Hollywood are puppies to communist China.

  8. It’s funny how much of a hypocrite this clown is.

  9. I miss the days of "don't be evil".

  10. Needless to say… my kids will not be allowed to buy basketball BS.

  11. World saddest thing is
    🇺🇸 has been created this monster beast in this world by let evil join in WTO !

  12. China is no longer Communist. Communism failed miserably in China so they chose it's near twin sister, Fascism.

  13. Don't Shop China!!! China is One Big Prison Colony!
    This is why people in Hong Kong are fighting to never be extradited to Mainland China, it is the end of them!

  14. Moronic tautologies n. 147; Chinese communists.

  15. its weird how much democrats love censorship and taking the axe to our constitution

  16. Lying Ted should grow some balls and go after traitor Trump, gutless traitor.


  18. Ted Cruz is the real friend of Hong Kong people.

  19. all company’s that engage the public via forums and communication between people should be subject to the first amendment or face massive taxes.

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