‘Ted Lasso’ cast discusses mental health at White House briefing

Jason Sudeikis and other stars from “Ted Lasso” joined the White House briefing to discuss the importance of mental health after a meeting with President Biden.

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  1. Actors addressing mental health? Seriously? Where are the doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists? What kind of joke is this?

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  3. I received another hack 0.2bitcoin transfer directly to my wallet from Maskoffaid it works

  4. This is one of the stupidest stunts I've ever seen. If you need some tv character who's been in plenty of bad-lesson movies and shows to inform you about anything, then it's most probably far too late for you already. Oh well! 🤷‍♂

  5. This is the white house who encourage and hire men who dress like women. Now lecturing on mental health 🤣

  6. How about we see less ego-stroking by celebrities and more effective action to DEAL with the problem? Less talk, more action!

  7. He describing the wokie leftist who voted to have less in exchange for calm town suddenly regretting their decision because they cannot afford rent anymore

  8. Now it truly is a tv show.

  9. White House is a laughing stock

  10. I pray for anyone that has panic attacks. You will get through it.

  11. This is how serious the USA takes mental health. We have movie/TV personalities discuss it instead of actually doing anything helpful…

  12. Being the best show on Apple TV is like having the best shlt sandwich

  13. Silicon Valley Bank grift. Bank was a Wall Street pipeline IPO being bailed out by FHLB of San Francisco.

  14. Psychiatric industry has been recruited by the faux liberal fascist state.

  15. Chinese political culture has landed in Washington State. Bill 1333 will make dissident political speech a crime punishable by commitment to a mental institution. No violence necessary to be charged and prosecuted. Only speech.

  16. Ted Lasso is funny. It looks like he’s got his family behind him, to discuss how to close the curtains to this show.

  17. Most people are taught that "you only need a good job to become rich". These billionaires are operating on a whole other playbook that many don't even know exists.

  18. The White House is a joke now.

  19. Wow yes this will make a difference.. ….

  20. The public needs help with the Duopolies the Fascist government of the USA is using !!!

  21. Such a stoopid show. These characters couldn't survive one day in reality.

  22. Quit coke. You all know how much the Don did drink there.