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Teen basketball player dies after practicing in heat | ABC News

Imani Bell, an 11th grader at Elite Scholars Academy in Clayton County, Georgia, was reportedly running uphill on Tuesday when she suddenly collapsed.

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  1. My high school when it hot we get a choice to be in the pool or walking around the track by there half of the class walking around the track and half swim

  2. Tf if my coach ever brought us outside in 100 degree heat my ass is turning right back inside .

  3. They need to install an ac in schools and after every 20 minutes a water break( when in pe)

  4. Aww… so so sad. I really hope coaches and anyone else around pays attention. This could have been prevented.

  5. Coach’s fault, but why didn’t the girl know better? Ain’t nobody pushing me past my limits, and if they try, I’ll go slower on purpose

  6. In my school no sport practices over 90 degrees

  7. Damn that’s scary at my sisters school when you play for the basketball team both girls and boys teams for practice you have to practice in the gym with the heater on

  8. In Vegas they have practice in 115 degree weather

  9. in my school we can’t go outside if it’s over 106° and if it’s below but still hot we take breaks

  10. Here in Arizona 118+ we go hard in the heat no problem

  11. This is sad 😢 I want to say I can’t believe this happened but it happened….rip. Bless that family 💛

  12. I'm from Vegas when it was time to "run the mile" in 110 degrees my ass took that incomplete. You got me fucked up! Plus my fatass gym teachers could NEVER run what they tried to make us run. The school is responsible at the end of the day! Sad that it could have been prevented if the adults there weren't fucking morons.

  13. Cmon 106 is way too high. My school requires you stop once it reaches 105 but most sports cut back at over 100

  14. This almost happened to me when I played basketball at age 12, so glad I don’t play sports anymore. My condolences to the teens family and friends.

  15. global warming gon get us all eventually

  16. As long as the temp doesn’t go over 103, we out there running

  17. We need to ban the heat now! Heat has always been a problem

  18. I wonder why they were having the students practice running up the outdoor bleachers when you see the worker inside and there are perfectly good bleachers in the indoors as well. They could have had the students practicing indoors and had the air conditioning turned on, or they could have either practiced in the early morning hours or the late evening hours and worked the training schedule to when it would not have a heat index of over 100 degree Fahrenheit.

  19. Aww That’s so sad! I’ll Pray for the Family And hope They get through this. 🙁

  20. Wow Rip Girl❤️❤️ Sending My Condolences🙏🏽❤️

  21. This is a very rare case. I honestly believe no one should be to blame. Yes 400 to 500 people die from the heat every year but the majority of those people are very elderly or very young children, not athletic and physically fit teenagers

  22. Wow wrestlers like me would say the heat is nothing to us and it’s true but still RIP 🙏🏼

  23. For football We practice in full pads in 108 degrees. This stuff shouldn’t happen

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