Saturday , July 24 2021
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Teen Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Arrives In New York Ahead Of UN Summit | NBC Nightly News

16-year-old Greta Thunberg set sail from England en route to New York on August 14, in an effort to avoid harmful emissions from flying. Thunberg started a global movement of young climate activists and was on her way to the United Nations climate conference.
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Teen Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Arrives In New York Ahead Of UN Summit | NBC Nightly News


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  1. So stupid her whole crew flew back. Kinda offsets the boat stunt

  2. 168 likes vs. 331 dislikes. Go back home you crazy assburger girl. 😊

  3. Beware – many willfully ignorant and misogynistic comments below – despicable

  4. Adults cowering as a strange, brainwashed girl scolds them with doomsday scenarios that they themselves indoctrinated her with! Pure comedy and peak idiocracy.

  5. You just road across the only thing that controls the climate. Entire planet can fly in a plane or a jet with no issues to the climate. However partying is not allowed on a jet and is allowed on a boat. Unfortunately you live in a perfect world. Waste your life on something else. Or do something really crazy and don’t waste your life at all.

  6. There is no solution to climate change. You can slow the process, but you cannot stop it.

  7. Poor stupid brainwashed people. CO2 helps plants grow, does not affect the climate.

  8. What are we sending back? How about Smokey the Bear on a jet ski?

  9. But she took a jet back home……

  10. I mean really, No one cares.

  11. I feel bad for her. She is being manipulated

  12. Greta, dear, please go back to Sweden, YOU STUPID, IGNORANT CHILD.

  13. the planet changes every now and then …with or without human intervention… 1 vulcano i enough to let this scam end

  14. Stop exploiting and emotionally abusing this obviously developmentally disabled child!

  15. You are so natural Greta. The Mother Earth type. Keep it up!

  16. She claims to see CO2 in the sky. Enough said.

  17. She'll be an adult soon enough and then subject to public criticism

  18. Newbie virtue signaling Leftists are so grassroots…NOT! Somebody is renting that yacht, and I'm sure it's a multinational. Likely a chronic polluter as well. "Teen Climate Activist"…LOL!

  19. I wonder how much garbage she threw overboard 🤔🤔

  20. She is an icon and a hero, I'm excited to participate in the world wide climate strike on the 20th

  21. Media fake … who sponsored her with millions of tax money and why? I dont trust her good intentions 1% … its obvious there is something sinister here ..

  22. Why she‘s always talking of herself in the third person?

  23. Germanys ANTIFA NAZI GIRL…Ha Ha Ha in AMERICA…. I hope Greta will life in America. Nobody want Greta back in Europe

  24. Why are people hating on here so much? I don’t agree with the idea of getting rid of planes as that’s not an effective way to help the environment, BUT she’s only 16 years old and had the guts to sail across the Atlantic when most kids that age can’t even look up from their phones for 15 seconds.

  25. Probably imbecilo Trump put all this tumb Down

  26. Hey Greta, I don't take sanctimonious lectures from hypocritical teenagers.

  27. The Pope is the Mastermind behind the whole climate change agenda. I do not deny that climate change exists and won't argue that it does,but I will say that there is an anti Capitalist and anti protestant agenda behind all of this.They are using this girl as a tool to establish a one world government and to destroy the United States of America.Just remember that when the Beast system is in full effect,you will be wishing that you can go back but it will be too late. They always say that the grass isn't always"greener"on the other side.Greta and the Pope are not your saviors. Jesus Christ is your only real hope

  28. Dear Canada: (which was reducing our population (1.6) ) Canadians had less children to save the planet and our environment and pure evil anti-environmental people welcomed in immigration and destroyed the sacrifice that Canadians made. Either stop immigration OR stop saying you are an environmentalist. CHOOSE or be labeled a lying hypocrite!

  29. I'm sure that her parents could have corrected her school strike (and a great deal more!) … if Sweden hadn't outlawed corporal punishment. Maybe poor little Greta can be a cautionary tale of what will happen to us if we follow suit.

  30. Like/Dislike ratio. Love it. No one is buying her BS. Stop reporting on her. It's a joke.

  31. So brave. All that work just so she can take a flight back to her country… foh

  32. Its not demonstrated that she was on board the entire time.
    No videos in oped rough sea.
    During video contact she was "sleeping" and not ready for some words
    Friends and Family earning a fortune wirh her

  33. It helps to remember anytime these climate hoax truthers point you to the same, tired, oft-manipulated CO2/temp graphs: past performance is no guarantee of future results.

  34. Implementing AGW hypothesis controls is b.s. with built-in protections: if climate doesn't change measurably, then officials can say more needs to be done; if climate data manages to show a change, then they can claim success and implement more controls. Reminder that these same people control (and historically manipulate) the data. Very much like gun control: if rates of crime with guns don't drop after new law, then more gun control laws are needed; if rates of crime with guns drop, then they claim success and proceed with more laws.

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