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Teen Fortnite champion victim of ‘swatting’ l ABC News

Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, 16, who recently won a $3 million prize, was in the middle of a Fortnite livestreaming session when he was targeted.

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  1. fuck that little bastard got 3 million from playing fortnite un fucking believable.

  2. Seriously? I'm a disabled veteran who was extorted in the court of law by a judge's employee, forced in isolation for 5 days, serving 15 days total in jail. And this is fucking news? Fuck you. I served this great nation for nothing. And I agree with Eric Ling, this is attempted murder.

  3. Fortnite kids wouldn’t make it in MW2 days

  4. The guy that was killed had nothing to do with the game. It was a guy that used to live there that was in the game he gave a fake address and this guy got swatted instead

  5. Your life has got to bee so fucked up and boring to do something like this. Where a GAME A GAME can tell you and prompt you to act so stupid and idiotic.

  6. The world is dying and we're returning to a state of Nazism but hey yeah great news

  7. “Best gamer in the world”

  8. Let’s address the kid correctly. Fortnite champion.. NOT BEST GAMER IN THE WORLD.

  9. Soo just because the nieghbor was one of the swat team cops he just ordered including the captain to abort the mission? WHAT IF THE DORKY LIL SHIT Actually did kill his dad and had an AK47?

  10. I miss being emergency dispatch individual Time displaced Tyson. 🙂

  11. …. "So many liabilities" was the federal code there back in the 80s.
    I love rememberingbbeing federal oversight for violent contenders lol . Ya kids die watching dude and no they weren't weak they were neglected.

  12. So because he wins at fornite he’s the best gammer in the world😂

  13. 'When he was crowned best gamer in the world'

    No, no I don't think he is

  14. How is FIFA or COD not this popular

  15. He ain’t best gamer in the world

  16. Lmfao I would've done the same shit fuck that kid

  17. When i saw a video of a title about some nerd winning million's. I put on the comment's that he was a marked teen kid.

  18. I Always despised Fortnite, but whenever someone attempts to literally call in a squad (to kill the person) over a game, then the caller who did the prank should be charged for attempted murder and among other crimes with false alarms linked to authorities…

  19. His father may not hate you but i hate you and you deserve to goto hell thru lethal injection just like any other murderer or attempt at homicide.

  20. Stop calling this bitch the best video gamer fortnight counts for shit id whoop that ass on about any other game

  21. Good because fortnite is shit

  22. dont call it a fucking prank when someones life is at risk.

  23. They need to make the punishment for this extremely severe. Put out the word that doing this idiotic prank comes with a 25-year prison sentence. See how many little douchebag virgin nerds pull that shit after knowing that

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