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Teen receives scholarship after act of kindness goes viral

A moment captured in a picture also captured the attention of thousands on social media. A teen working at Waffle House is now being rewarded with a big surprise.

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  1. I would do it in a heart beat. I mean… I am glad this girl got a scholarship, she probably really needed it. I wish education wasn't so expensive so that it would be easier for people to go. However, I wouldn't hesitate to do the same if I was asked.

  2. Ye that's nice thing to do i agree, but really wtf? Theres always something behind these, someone wants to get "we care"-points.

    This kind of thing happens thousand of times everyday, 16k fo cutting stake is just too much.

  3. I seen this a little while back and it was such an amazing act of kindness, with a smile even! Young lady, when you are a kind person, you will most definitely go places. May God Bless You to become whoever you choose to be in life.

  4. She’s not the only one there’s people everyday that go out an feed the homeless an less fortunate. But I guess this is good for the kid

  5. I was always wondering why people got so worked up about when they got many likes. At first, I thought that they were just hungry for attention, sort of something like that, then I just realized, today, that maybe they were just happy that a lot of people appreciated their opinions or whatever they commented. I just saw that silver lining there.
    Not related to the video, but, oh well.

  6. I saw that flashing image, your mind control will not work on me!

  7. People are just being jealous but honestly i think it's her fate and she deserved to be prized. let's just accept the fact and wish luck for her future…

  8. What an act of kindness can get you . great job.

  9. Hi this is what would you do🌚

  10. I do this every day and get tipped not even %5 😭 someone record me!

  11. “It’s something I’ll do any other day” that’s right Amen sis now enjoy your blessing 🙏🏾

  12. Black women that call you baby are the nicest and sassy person you’ll ever met

  13. i swear everything is conaidered an act of kindness these days smh 😐

  14. can I have a waffle CAN I PLEASE HAVE A WAFFLE

  15. So all I have to do is cut someone’s meat to get a scholarship

  16. Just because she cut up his steak I would've offered to feed him no joke who would actually say no

  17. Great story. Wish more young people would appreciate the elderly and help whenever possible

  18. Its sad how corrupt this world is that this simplistic act of humanity becomes an "act of kindness" were all human you selfish fucks lmao

  19. See. We are ALL in it. Together. Love is all we need. Peace.

  20. I got ma own day…
    She sweet🥰🥰😊

  21. Lmfao stupid America. This becomes news in their country while other countries this is just common courtesy and happens every second. What a funny life America lives. Goes to show how people are their as well. 🤣🤣 if I'd be in USA and doing my random act of kindness they will make me their president.

  22. Faith in humanity restored 😀. Nice to see that there still are people who care about others

  23. If she is nothing special because she is doing this every other day, well what are we, the rest of us who doesn't do this or any thing like it every other day and who really thinks she is special? What are we?
    There has been too much I, I, I, and too little You, You, You for a l o n g time now. Time for a chance?
    Make America GOOD again.

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