Tennessee law restricting drag performances goes into effect at midnight

A new Tennessee law is set to go into effect at midnight that will restrict drag show performances in public or anywhere a child might see them. NBC News’ Antonia Hylton reports from Knoxville on the response to the new bill.

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  1. We sent kids to school to learn, LGBTQ made kids school into a male strip club. And media make it sound like this child groomers are victims. Why don't they ask themselves what good can come from this shows before defending them. Why LGBTQ go after kids only and not adults? US has become a Sick mental country.

  2. A federal judge, appointed by Donald Trump has temporarily blocked a new Tennessee law that placed strict limits on drag shows just hours before it was set to go into effect, siding with a group that filed a lawsuit claiming the statute violates the first amendment.

  3. Good get them out of here

  4. I support pansexual culture and have drag friends. However I do not confuse natural women with transsexual feminines. Nor do I want to confuse transsexual feminines with natural born women who have ovaries. They don't either.

  5. I agree with this law. I hope Pennsylvania does the same.

  6. Will have to ban all those movies in Tennessee now. Like, Some Like It Hot with Marilyn Monroe. Tootsie with Dustin Hoffman. Mr. Mom with Michael Keaton. The Bird Cage with Robin Williams.

    Paul Hunts gymnastics comedy routine during the Olympics will have to be blocked in Tennessee too. Little girls wearing pants will also have to be banned. They got a lot of banning to do now in Tennessee.

  7. "They don't come to your church, so why go and tell them they can't go to a library"

  8. I love how it's only conservatives parents rights that matter and no one else's.

  9. I’m so glad they banned drag shows and not the mentality I’ll from owning guns!

  10. Far-right Christian extremists are really going with Lies, Hate & Division; falsely preaching in God's name when all religions strictly state empathy, love & community at their core belief…

  11. Man I remember the days when NBC News actually did news and not "the agenda." Tim Russert is rolling over in his grave.

  12. to live at let live is a dangerous conviction when you do not have a biblical conviction? lady I think you are right, it is dangerous to let nonsensical religions dictate what is right or wrong. the bible is so inmoral it should be a banned book. it is a cult religion just like all religions.

  13. How many kids have died or molested at Drag shows? None…. But republicans can pass laws in a matter of minutes on this issue.

    How many kids have died because a freak bought an AR15 and had a bad day? Hundreds. 130 mass shootings so far this year. But republicans will never ban AR15's…..

    If only the guns themselves were trans. Then we would get a response.

    To be republican is to be void of logic and morality, and to be full of hate and ignorance. They are owning the libs everyone, that is their only priority. And they will throw away their country to do so.

  14. No they don't go to your church just the school to shoot it. Good riddance.

  15. It about Time…good job..finally!!

  16. Repent while there is still time, The Lord is coming. All have fallen short of the glory of God. All have sinned against God and against your neighbors. Jesus is real, He is The Savior.
    Why would you turn down someone who is willing to pay your fine for you.
    If you got caught breaking the law here on earth you go to court, are convicted and have to pay a fine as punishment.
    Christ is willing to pay your fine for you. Ask Him to forgive you of your wrong doings. Turn to Him while there is still time. It won't be long now, Maranatha! Come quickly Lord Jesus.✝️

  17. I love a good 'Drag" show. I just do not understand the hate towards the shows.

  18. from drag, religion, politics all have specified locations. If a person wants to learn where do they go…. school. If a person wants to find god… they have sanctuary for that. If some wants to debate legislation… its not done at church ots done at a capital. If I as a man want to see Thot I go to a club not a school.
    There is a place and time for everything. That's been said on what book I forgot😮

  19. Why don't they worry about fentanyl contamination. And leave the drag queens alone.

  20. So they can restrict drag shows, but not guns after a literal shooting that unalived literally 6 people. We love priorities being taken care of.

  21. Militant "trans" and anti-gun protestors stormed the Tennessee capitol's legislative chamber, disrupting and threatening the legislators. It was a violent "transurrection." A similarly violent protest also happened at Kentucky's capitol. Nothing, but crickets from the Dems and their Fake News allies.

  22. This liberal reporter is a joke. She is openly biased and that's a no no in journalism. You're supposed to keep your own feelings and views outside. The new woke culture expects journalists to weigh in.

  23. I remember when I was a kid and drag shows were never a thing of heard of and life was still simple back then. It's funny how much Chaos there is over this single topic as there once was a time where drag shows didn't really exist and life was still fine.

    Passing these bills is good and life can still go on without dragshows and for those that are so hurt by it then go move to other liberal run states that'll accept you 🤣

  24. You should read ALL of that bible you claim to live by…Lady.

  25. Hey!!! Talk about trump “possibly” go to jail!😂

  26. Good. Keep those nasty groomers away from kids.

  27. You cannot compare assault rifles to performing drag infront of children. What is wrong with people's brains.

  28. There are children out here dying before 3rd period and these old dried up mf worried about drag performances and tik tok.

    JOHN 3:16👈

  30. Come on Texas pls pass this law! We love our children and stand for Christ.

  31. 7 of the top 7 states with the highest homicide mortality rate? The Republican-led states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, South Carolina and Tennessee.

  32. I love the grounded reality of this channel!!,Despite the recession, I no longer depend on Government Grant since i acquire $27,400 every 21days.

  33. This is without a doubt the biggest threat to national security ever.
    Good job, elected officials.