Saturday , October 16 2021
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Tennessee mayor refuses to comply with vaccine mandates

Knox County, Tenn. Mayor Glenn Jacobs expresses frustrations with COVID vaccine mandates on ‘Kennedy.’ #FOXBusiness #Kennedy

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  1. Would Mayor Jacobs chokeslam Joe Biden if he got the chance?

  2. Kane been an OG since WWE . Even the mask wearing big red machine knows what’s up. Respect 🙌

  3. My boy Kane with the business

  4. I remember when they said; "stock up on two weeks of food supplies," and there was talk of shutting down the grocery stores. It is a balance between protecting people's lives and keeping the country functional from the food supply to the financial system. Farmer's were plowing their own crops into the ground, that is as much a threat as Covid if not more. It's a balance and it was always a "living with the virus," reality whether anybody wanted to or not. Otherwise their isn't food on the stores shelves and power to the outlet. Freedom is essential too as much so as a mother's need to feed her children with her job. We have to keep people safe and keep society functional. Hopefully we'll learn how to do this when the next virus comes around.

  5. Keep burying your constituents. A virus does NOT care about politics. You have the right to DIE, do it at 🏡 NOT AT THE HOSPITAL.

  6. The law is not on his side. Actually he is putting people in a public health situation. Should anyone in his district die from Covid, he could be charged with manslaughter for putting them in danger.

  7. I'd sure love to see Kane give both Creepy Joe and his laughing hyena, a double chokeslam form Hell.


  9. Aaaand they will remain ignant

  10. The Undertaker is a better wrestler then Kane.

  11. They had to make something to divide us

  12. Idiots like this will only help Covid….

  13. Just remember Kane was the first one to take his mask off way back in june of 2003, We all followed him 18 years later.

  14. It's good to see at least one person I grew up watching didn't end up disappointing me with their liberal idiocrasy. You the man kane. Good to know some of my childhood hero's actually were Good sane, and honest people.

  15. I knew ther was a reason
    We liked Him
    So much!!!

  16. So, it sounds like it's going to be miserable in the blue states.


  18. Biden is allowing this migrant to come to American to have cheap laborer, to those looking for worker and thus the administration is harboring new slaves system..

  19. Wtf I never knew Kane was a Mayor

  20. Yes ! A politician with a backbone and a brain !!! GO BIG KANE !!!

  21. In Knox County, we know what we stand for. We stand (in line) for ICU beds because we’re all too dumb (and selfish) to get vaccinated. We stand for the rule of law, and next week someone is going to explain to me what that means. We stand for the Constitution, you know, that part where we get to buy guns to protect ourselves against imminent threats (i.e. the angry corn farmer next door, 5 miles away) not the part where this is a democracy. In short, we stand for the past (pre-evolution) and against reason, logic and science (take that Rene Descartes!). We stand together! (again, in line at the ICU). Way to go Glenn Jacobs!

  22. lest there be claims of bipartisan shennanigans, Glenn Jacobs is really a Libertarian but he went to GOP ticket because he knew that was the way to get elected and it is closer to the freedom ideal then the whackjob dems

  23. Glenn needs to just go ahead and chock slam Biden and put him out of his misery.

  24. Good for him ! We all need to stand up for our freedom !

  25. Thank you so much!!! The President in NOT in charge of my health!!!!!

  26. Most of the discourse that is in the media right now on both sides is about Covid and the rules why are we not focusing on putting tariffs on China for what they did to us for what they did to the world if I was an Australian citizen right now I would want everyone that was involved in this tried in a international court room and found guilty and put into prison all the people that funded it and the over seers !

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