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TESTING PRIMARK BEAUTY DUPES | Makeup Tutorial & First impressions | Fashion Mumblr

Testing Primark Beauty Dupes – half face Primark, half face high end! Here’s a makeup tutorial and my first impressions of the dupes, including dupes for Smashbox Primer Water, Beauty Blender, Anastasia Glow Kit, Contour Kit & More!

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❤ Products MENTIONED in this Video ❤

Rimmel Lasting Perfection : http://bit.ly/2kW7T8y
Loreal Mascara :
Beauty Blender : http://bit.ly/2kWfsw5
Smashbox Primer Spray : http://bit.ly/2kS0qvi
Benefit Gimme Brow : http://bit.ly/2khFjzw
Anastasia Glow Kit : http://bit.ly/2jYrnMl
Anastasia Contour Kit : http://bit.ly/2jDJYK8
Makeup Revolution Powder :
Clarins Metallic Eye Cream : http://bit.ly/2kramv8


❤ What I Wore ❤

Star Lace Top : http://bit.ly/2kWbD9U


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  1. The snoring is hilarious 🤣🤣 xx

  2. Lovely job i often find comparisons on high end beauty products and more affordable products. by the way i love Louie.s snoring
    reminds me of my dog and my husband 🙂

  3. Turned the video off as soon as you said you didn't get the foundation to review – it's the most important part for me 🙂

  4. Loving your vlogs lovely. I think the primark brow looks a lot better and I love Bobbi Brown xx💕

  5. How refreshing to hear you admit that you are not the world’s best at contouring! Bless!

  6. Would love to see more dupes

  7. When i "dampen" my primark beauty blenders i run the tap and squeeze the sponge under the water so that it expands (ALOT) and it makes it much much softer and spongier

  8. Why do you keep on switching I'm not sure which is the primark side any more…??? 🤔

  9. As a beauty blender try the W7 power puff.

  10. If only we had Primark in Norway 🙁
    Luckily.. heading to London in June! Yayyyyy

  11. snoring so annoying, could not watch….

  12. Before this video I wouldn't have bought primark makeup, but will give it a try after watching your video.

  13. What shade is the bobby brown

  14. On the contour, you did it on the high-end side ❤️

  15. Wow how far have you come ! I remember before when you didn't have many followers and now look how far you've come almost 100,000 I'm so proud this channel is so helpful and exciting I love watching you carry on growing !

  16. 😂😂 so it's Louie the dog making that noise, while watching this I thought something wrong with my iPad or android phone, I was looking around where that's coming from😄😆 and you're close to 100K subscribers👏🏻👏🏻

  17. Really enjoyed this video. I think ill give Primark makeup a go now. 🙂

  18. LOVED this video Josie – I'm a huge fan of Primark makeup and everything I've tried so far has been incredible, such great value too!

    Hayley xo
    Latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyVgZLmQLPw&t=1s

  19. I love your nail polish in this video <3

  20. You can't compare a clear brow gel with gimme brow, they aren't even the same product. Primark make up seems surprisingly good!

  21. whoa! you are pretty! how old are you?☺

  22. This turned out great! I still haven't tried my Primark Artis brush dupe yet but I'm really excited to after hearing your comparison. Definitely going to have to check out more of the beauty section at Primark the next time I'm in London. I only had 40 minutes to spend there last time so it was a mad dash trying to look at everything. 🙂 The snoring was hilarious, sounds like my parent's dog Luna.

  23. Thanks for the dupes Josie💄so many budget friendly makeup products by Primark🌟very impressed all around💖

  24. Really enjoyed this thanks 🙂

  25. great video. surprised by the eyeshadow. Where is your dressing gown from in the thumbnail? so pretty.

  26. I really like the metallic eyeshadow. not a fan of the primark powders though – they are too powdery for my taste.

  27. Amazing. How is it that primark side looks better!? Fantastic exercise 🙂

  28. I really enjoyed this video 🙂 it was great to see comparisons to popular brands! I now have a primark beauty shopping list! X

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