Saturday , May 15 2021
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Texas AG suing Biden admin over handling of the border crisis

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on suing the Biden administration over the border crisis, social media censorship, and the H.R. 1 bill. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Just had a thought. Obama kept telling us to get our children into preschools at younger and younger ages where the liberal indoctrination would be most effective against a vulnerable and open mind. Americans saw through it, wonder if the massive imported illegal youth are the substitutes to promoting hate, division, and communism? Wonder if we will see them educated in mass, wouldn't that serve the  same purpose as indoctrination camps?

  2. White Man biden…bad for country…

  3. HR 1 is corrupt! Read it people. This is a very corrupt piece of legislation. Call your congressmen and Senators and tell them "NO".

  4. I love Texas and am a proud Texan. Don't mess with Texas Biden!

  5. That's the plan. get tje caravans coming, let the border states take care of it so we can screw everything else up. BIDEN PLAN, AMERICA LAST.

  6. They should file charges against Biden for this disaster. He only did it because he hated Trump.

  7. The ag needs to close the border no matter what Obiden says!!

  8. Impeach Biden and his Administration.

  9. Go AG Paxton🇺🇸⚖⚖

  10. This is all by design. Their underlying motives are pure EVIL! Do you ever wonder why so many 3,4 and 5 year old babies are being brought here?! Think about it. Pure EVIL!!! Dear God in Heaven! Time is short. Evil will not prevail much longer. God's light will always penetrate the Devil's evil works.

  11. Sue or impeach!!! Mmmm tough choice 🤔

  12. Build back better uh huh huh huh.

  13. Fix the border gaps like you fixed your son's gaps in his crackhead teeth.

  14. Like anything will be done…stop this playground fight.

  15. We should invite Putin into America to give us pointers how we can protect ourselves from our Socialist Communist Democratic party. Putin is laughing nonstop. Wow to us, real patriots.

  16. All Biden's ridiculous executive orders need to be revoked for being unconstitutional. The guy wants to be a dictator.

  17. Biden just doesn’t care about America. Never seen a leader like him .

  18. Biden is unfit for office it will get worse.China could have our compromised pres.making these stupid decisions.

  19. Every state needs to sue Biden an these idiots running things.Shouldfind away to stop this tragedy we find ourselves in.

  20. We have NO government, what are we going to do??

  21. Democratic party is no longer democratic party – it is officially the COMMUNIST PARTY. Ruining our Country day by day – how will this Country survive 3 1/2 plus years?! We wont. Call for CIVIL WAR.

  22. They are paid off by this grovment

  23. Build the wall and read the bills

  24. That is a lot of money being paid to cross the Border from Biden’s policies, anyone else curious if any of that money is making its way to Biden and the Democrat’s coffers?  This
    would be sweeter than the Russian & China income streams.  Follow the money!

  25. Biden is a terrible disgrace as President and needs to go back to the basement. Every thing he has done has been detrimental to the USA and hardworking legal Americans.

  26. Let all criminals be release from prison and MS13 crossing the border and put it in Pres Biden's houses.

  27. Good. It's about time someone stood up to the obiden mafia.

  28. If ICE is not taking custody of these released felons; I believe in rehabilitation and in line with that these released felons deserve a fresh start in fresh location. Think a bus ticket to Washington D.C.. After all a monument tour providing education in their new homeland in the nations capitol is just what they need.

  29. Sue all the evil criminals, arrest them all, be put in prison for life with no release or bailout ever, and give Americans peace and leave us alone.

  30. Example of poor and bias government with this administration taking over and creating in the next three years a one party socialist government. Those doing it must be held accountable.

  31. God bless you AG Paxton!!! It needs to be done. Biden needs to be impeached. Just like NIxon, he MUST resign!

  32. Where's our president? Politicians and reporters oh and intellectuals get rounded up first. You are a bigger threat to Communism then we are.

  33. I say make it happen take them to Biden

  34. Thank you Texas. Enough of this! Time for all our border states to file suit against the government for putting all of us at risk. Close the border and don’t let them in right now. You keep talking about the pandemic and we keep getting locked down and your going to do this! NO. Everyone follow suit. Right or left this is wrong.

  35. All conventions building were the homes of illegals really ??? Why don't they send them to Bidens Pelosi n kamala Harris property let them camp there that will b nice support them with foods educations n health care not from tax payers .

  36. Impeach these pond scum,can’t believe that they the RATS have control over all , why is this allowed,they can do no wrong , child abuse, all these criminals are allowed in ,rapes ,and now they get paid to be here ,all of Americans are suffering and they find billions to give away

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