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Texas authorities share latest developments in El Paso Walmart shooting investigation

The El Paso shooting rampage that left 20 people dead and dozens injured was being investigated as a possible hate crime after discovery of a racist manifesto believed to have been posted online by the suspected killer.

Patrick Crusius of Allen, Texas, was booked into the El Paso County Jail on a charge of capital murder. The 21-year-old is accused of walking into a Walmart near a shopping mall and opening fire, setting off panic as hundreds of customers and employees fled, according to police.

Some of the bodies remained at the scene more than 24 hours later as authorities continued their investigation, and the Mexican government expressed indignation for a shooting that left six of its citizens dead.

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  1. Let me tell you whats happening the world is a toilet for anger. Havnt any of you got that yet. What did you think was going to happen after a rampage of mexicans at the border? You know damn well all of you that this was going to happen. You act shocked and amazed every time a gun men goes biszerk. Its going to keep happening over and over again. Did we forget vegas did we forget the dozens of schools that had been shot up. I feel bad but is this a shocker? No its not. Dont act like i never seen that before. Wake up this the country of shooting looting and anarchy. At one time it was great not anymore. I weap for the el paso people but am i shocked no not at all. Thats the new norm.

  2. We all have been deceived and betrayed again by connecting staged set up fake multiple terrorist attacks with gun registration—-preplanned before the “shootings.”

  3. Still he is not a 'Christian or Jewish terrorist '. He is simply a 'white male and a 'mentally disturbed guy'. All terrorists are mental case. But to the judgement of the Western world, exceptions are Muslims '. They always kill people in cold blood. So for this 'mentality disturbed white male', special treatment! Culprit is the gun or something else. If Jesus has sacrificed his life for this white male salvation, why should be any trial for him in this world and in the world after his death? He is a SINLESS LAMB.

    God has saved ' Muslims ' from infamy this time. He is not an 'Islamic or Izlamic terrorist ' Thank God!

    My sincerest sympathy for those innocent buddies and their families who lost their lives helplessly.

  4. no video on this nutcase, a victim has said she saw 2-3 shooters????

  5. All he talks is about donations!!
    Oviamente para quedarce

  6. Now I KNOW Amazon’s the Way to Go! Hope the majority of them was assholes!

  7. Toughest GUN BAN in UK…for you ANTI GUNNERS…Here are FACTS.
    The number of knife-related homicides went from >272 in 2007 to >>186 in 2015. Since then it's risen every year, with a steep increase in 2017-18, when there were>>>>>>> 285 killings!!!!!

  8. Why is the sign language translator cut out?



  11. Thats why you do the shootings in gun free zones..
    Cant get killed while shooting ppl, if nobody had a gun 😉

  12. shame on nations that support gun runners and killers!

  13. Don't worry!!
    Our wise and non corrupt politicians will know what to do!
    Lucky we have the glorious 2nd amendment to keep us safe from squirrels, beaver and thems pesky, disobedient Indians!

  14. Donald Trump's constant rhetoric of hate towards brown-skinned people, his administration's treatment of brown-skinned people which is meant to denigrate and devalue them as human beings coupled with his constant reference to an invasion on our southern border is absolutely responsible for the hate and fear in this country which is now leading to mass murder! As the catalyst of hate, Donald Trump is responsible for the murders of these innocent people as much as the shooter is responsible! The shooter in El Paso who lived in a very upscale neighborhood in Allen Texas appears to have grown up in a family of white privilege. In his manifesto, he wrote that he was doing this to protect America from an invasion of brown-skinned people. He acknowledged that he is a Trump supporter. Hitler created a propaganda technique called the BIG LIE in which he would tell a BIG LIE over and over and over until the German people believed it and that method of propaganda was very effective in allowing him to commit genocide against the Jews. Donald Trump has studied Hitler and Donald Trump is using the BIG LIE method of propaganda to persuade millions of Americans that there is an invasion along our southern border, that brown-skinned people are taking their jobs, that brown-skinned people are rapists and murderers and that it is acceptable to place brown=skinned people in cages and that it is acceptable to take the children of brown-skinned people away from them because these people have little value. Donald Trump has so effectively corrupted the minds of millions of Americans with his lies, with the BIG LIE, that young impressionable white people like the shooter in El Paso believes that it is acceptable to murder innocent civilians. Donald Trump is absolutely responsible for the deaths of these innocent people whose only crime is that they are hated by Donald Trump for being poor brown-skinned people! Donald Trump is not fit to serve as the president of the United States of America!

  15. The race war has started the white supremacist terror cells have awaken black people get armed.

  16. Another MAGA terrorist, good job Donald Dump hahaha😁👍

  17. With all that drug money laundered they can’t get adequate mics at El Paso? 🤦🏿‍♀️

  18. The audio's too weak to listen to with whoever shot the video without Dolby.

  19. a dead mother protecting her baby, what is happening in the US?

  20. I love how the community got together and donated blood and law enforcement handling this very well

  21. USA: hold my beer dominican republic I'm way more dangerous than you

  22. Capital Murder Is Life So Rot In A Cell

  23. the piece of shiit mexican president says he's going to sue the united states for failing to protect his non u.s. citizens in our country. we cannot put up with that kind of bullshit from the leader of a 3rd world country. many innocent americans are killllld in mexico all the time and they do nothing about it . no mention of ms13 and the mexican on mexican violence and murder. trump needs to tell him to kiss our collective ass and then cut off relations with that p.o.s. country. if mexico wasn't such a shit hole place, maybe mexicans would be staying there and shopping in their own country. to hell will mexico and all mexicans

    david s

  24. White trash terrorism is directly linked to white trash presidency.

  25. Why to much hate we are all humans please people let's make peace in this world. Stop the hate against each other. Sending prayers to all those family who lost there love one's.

  26. Feminism devalues young men and this is the result.

  27. They should have killed this coward like a wild animal. How much is he going to cost tax payers to feed this animal


  29. Wait….. TX shooter registered DEMOCRATS no other details prior to mass shooting. But after mass shooting he registered REPUBLICAN with loads of details!! Fsst. Odd. Who hijacked shooters ANTIFA SMP Account? Plant details? Apparent SMP owner. Politcal motivated!! False flag op? Explain this please!! [Does he have a history of violence towards Women? Many of these mass shooters have past or current history being violent towards Women]

  30. A Public Hanging of a Shooter would be a good message to the Public the media is destroying the U.S with Hate!

  31. I live in this town, law enforcement support was swift and well coordinated. Death sentence is too good for this killer.

  32. Why are you interrogating the officer though???? Go do it to the ass head who did the crime. It doesn't matter if he was caught in a damn car or on foot.

  33. It seems to be getting from bad to worse; the shooting is now an international incident since it involved three Mexican nationals visiting the US.

  34. It's quite obvious that social engineering doesn't work in a free society. Forced integration has produced resentment on all sides.

  35. This stupid doesn’t Walmart sell guns someone should got a gun out the case and shot and killed this crazy man

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