Texas couple charged in connection with three student fentanyl deaths

A couple in Carrollton, Texas, is facing federal charges in connection to overdose deaths of three students and the hospitalization of six others. KXAS’ Maria Guerrero reports.

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  1. Put them in prison and throw the key away 🥴👍🚬….

  2. Well, under the current democraps judicial system, sweet fa will happen to these people. Probably be deported, to make the DOC expenses lower, by not giving them life sentences in the State. After all ,I would class it as premeditated murder. Especially with the deaths this poison is causing.

  3. So why doesn't the media admit these two are illegal aliens

  4. Have Percocets all that s*** came from the government that's what they give motherfukers when they get shot overnight in bad pain just like y'all trying to blame Mexico forfeiting all but y'all get us into cancer patients so it couldn't confirm it already was out here

  5. But y'all can classify anything is footing on the shuttle take them off I'll go to jail for it no I'm not going to not some of that s*** out here but some of that said party do not be fed now but I'll be classed as fitting our CRV try to justify slamming the motherfuker for the rest of their life

  6. Sorry if I sound cold but I find it very hard to feel sorry for people who are willing to risk their lives to get high. Are the dealers to blame? Maybe, but honestly there would be no dealers if there were not users. The users only have themselves to blame. Not Mom or Dad. Not society, not the neighbors or the dealers. They chose to take the risk. The user is 100% to blame for their own actions.

  7. know how to not overdose?? don't use drugs.

  8. Give them. Life sentence.

  9. If America was serious about solving the epidemic of fentynal deaths, they would ensure that ALL DRUGS are Heavily laced with this product. The demand would go away virtually overnight.

    How many people die of fentynal while doing a good and legitimate….a righteous act? I would argue that except for accidental exposure like cops searching pockets etc, the overwhelming majority of these people are doing some kind of nefarious drugs/acts already. Anyone who is familiar with drug abuse knows the statistics are Heavily against ever getting clean.
    Drug dealers of any kind or level should immediately be executed after conviction with due process.
    Think how much money this will save in Healthcare and criminal justice budgets….. how many crimes are drug related?
    Anyone who uses the term "VICTIMLESS CRIME" isn't a serious person and clearly lacks the intellectual ability to deal with serious problems.

  10. Lmao that will stop or slow down absolutely nothing. But oh look mexicans.

  11. Navaratte ? Didn't he just fight this weekend ?

  12. Wonderful news, I hope they never get out!

  13. To be fair, we need to delete 82% of people in order for the human race to survive because of overpopulation. This is a great way to get rid of the stupid ones

  14. 🤯🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  15. They put coloring in them to make them look like sweet tarts. It's DIABOLICAL.

  16. Bidens open border policies are allowing fentanyl and many other drugs to easily come into this country every hour of every day. Biden needs to be eliminated he's ruining this country.

  17. 'its this unsuspecting house"
    Man that house looks like a bad place with just looking at it for 2 seconds..

  18. I mean that black truck is kinda of a give away only "hood stars" drive that

  19. It's more deadly than most poisons.

  20. Middle schoolers using fentanyl? omfg were so screwed.

  21. Look 🆙 he got shrooms,dmt, lsd, mdma, kat,Xanax, cubensis, pot, dilaudid , adderall ,fentanyl, meth , heroin, coke ,psilocybin, bars ,oxy🍄🍄💊……:…

  22. people just need to stop taking all pills from the streets its not worth it