Thursday , September 16 2021
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Texas Deputy Pins Young Black Woman To The Ground, Forcibly Arrests Mother

A Texas sheriff’s deputy has been put on administrative leave following an incident that resulted in the officer pinning an 18-year-old to the ground. When her mother arrived to the scene and began to intervene, the deputy forcibly arrested her.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Texas Deputy Pins Young Black Woman To The Ground, Forcibly Arrests Mother


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  1. Another Drama from country which claim the best country in the world…!?!
    I'm so lucky and blessed where 2 years ago I decide to continue my study in Europe rthan In Americunt….

  2. this guy was going to do this from the start – he walked up and grabbed her by the arm before anything had transpired.

  3. Throughout the comment section you see a lot of comments supporting the nonsense this cop did. You must all realize that it is these same racist parents who raised these terrorist police officers to treat people this way. Expect nothing better from them.

  4. These cops need more training. There were a lot of things that could have been handled without physical force. Depending the situation things could be handled better by talking to someone. Overreacting gets you tackled to the ground. screaming,fighting, or threats should get one tackled. Talking with an officer should not be a confrontation it should be mediation. The lady was crying I feel she was upset and just needed to be talked to. Had the cop explained why he was called to see her and asked what was going on I feel this would have been handled better.
    Also I feel like this sort of force should be taken on people who constantly steal from stores rather than people who may just need a hug or someone to talk to. Once your on the ground you don't need people putting their hands on you. Unless you explain why you are following someone as a cop it appears to be harassment but he did so mentioning she was walking in front of cars. Maybe he thought she was suicidal and didn't want her to hurt herself. Either way you should have asked her what was going on. Or if there was anyway he could help her because she looked distressed.

  5. I can't even watch it.. what law did she break?

  6. That cop has small pipi energy!! Most of them do.

  7. That cop was very COWARD.

  8. Did he do it because she is black…or did she just happen to be black. If she was not black this clip would never be seen….RACEBAITERS OF THE MEDIA CULT

  9. No wonder the kid is messed up. Mom is the same.

  10. The officer appears to be understanding but what were his options? The report was she was running into the street in front of cars.

  11. Anytime someone Says "YOU OK?" in America they are not saying I care about you, they are saying theres something wrong with you.

  12. That cop was in the wrong. Wtf these cops need better training. And maybe psych test before becoming officers. Poor girl should sue the officer. And he should lose his job or be charged for assault

  13. Expecting every cop to be an expert in human emotion and how to deal with it is unrealistic. All she had to do was chill out for a second. The cop handled it horribly yes, but she and her family did as well. He is a police officer at the end of the day. He told her to stop and talk to him and she kept walking away.

  14. he did a great job. She was jumping infront of cars! Great cop! Morally, if someone is trying to jump infront of cars, I could not in good conscience walk away, I would try to restraint them until they calm down or help arrives. He did the right thing.

  15. This is what happens when you don't respect officers or authority. She should have just did what the officer said instead of flipping out like that. This would happen to anyone if they did something simular. It doesn't matter what race, gender, or age. You simply have to comply with police.

  16. The officer did what he was supposed to, he did a great job of protecting her from herself. Why was her mom not there? Then comes out angry? If she had been there no 1 would of called the cops. They called saying she was basically attempting suicide jumping in front of cars!

  17. She didn't do anything and he had no business touching her. He could have followed her from a distance to check that she was okay, but he completely escalated the issue by getting involved and grabbing her.

  18. Another cash settlement.

  19. We absolutely have to do better in the black community! Whatever she was doing alarmed onlookers enough to contact the PD with that being said in a climate of racial disparity when the officer approached her with “good intentions” to assist …her reaction to “incite” he was there to hurt her was just ridiculous and uncalled for by the teen! Those actions were fueled by the family in an attempt to make it about “race” egging her actions non with the whole “ I can’t breathe thing” when the Deputy was simply doing what he was TRAINED to do by simply trying to restrain her because SHE was displaying irrational behavior that coincided with the calls of her possibly harming herself or others! Handcuffs yes get tight the more you move it seemed like the family saw $ signs in this situation based on their verbiage trying to accuse him of wrongdoing! The mother had NO business assaulting the officer as a mother she was suppose to aid in comfort for her out of control teen NOT act like a maniac looking to capitalize on a sad encounter! This is embarrassing for that family yet oddly they think the PD is wrong! We must do better people we absolutely must do better!

  20. Why, why man she didn't do anything

  21. The teen illustrated her fear in the officers presence by stated "I don't want you to hurt me" at that moment the officer should have realized his goal is to earn trust by figuring out how to help her, not start grabing on her furthering the fear she already exhibits from the officer, that officer had one job in that moment and failed immensely

  22. I don't even know what too say I can't really say dither side is bad or good cause I don't know the situation

  23. more police that need to be removedfrom the force and that officer needs to be arrested.

  24. She got what she had coming they think there color can give them free pass to act up but this cop ain’t playing with these people

  25. This looks like mental breakdown. I would have just followed her. Maybe ask her if he can call someone on her phone.

  26. the true face of evil from the cops

  27. Are you people crazy she was stepping in front of vehicles obviously you can tell she's Disturbed about something. He's detaining her for her safety all she had to do was sit down. So obviously somebody's having a mental breakdown tell me what you should do at that moment…..

  28. One of two possible outcomes, the other: "Police do nothing as emotionally disturbed YBW walks into path of oncoming vehicle." Apparently that is why police were called, as the officer stated. Damned if you do damned if you don't. He seemed to be acting as compassionate and non-violent as possible, yet she was convinced (I wonder why) that he was intending to harm her (BLM, Defund the police, F-the police, ACAB ). When cops stop responding to situations based on skin color, POC are the ones who suffer most (fact)


  30. Without understanding the entire situation. She might have tried to hurt herself. Yes he could have a had a little more grace. But in this case it's good that he stopped her. I mean no shoes and crying, something was clearly up

  31. The media loves stories like this. I feel really sorry for her

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  33. Is the full bodycam footage available?

  34. We have a mental disposition to the badge and color welding the badge…. This is typical gang mentality…. Sad- But typical…. Black women as you see you are included in being handled heavy handed… Is this racial ( can't prove it – no case)… Little girl was having a breakdown…

  35. Woman: Please don’t hurt me
    Police: I’m not gonna hurt you
    *police slams woman to the ground*

  36. This kid could have been sexually assaulted in the past….& what he did to her, just traumatized her even further…as a survivor myself, this really hurts…& ENRAGES me! 🤬🥺

  37. Why did this even get to this point? The girl was upset…He should have taken a step back.

  38. That cop had NO RIGHT to grab her arm and FORCE her to talk to him. She did nothing wrong, she was walking down the street. She was crying, that is NOT a crime!!!! WTF
    The cop physically assaulted this young woman. I hope they hire a smart LAWYER, SUE, WIN AND EXPOSE THIS HATEFUL, CRIMINAL COP! HE BETTER GET HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS CRIMES AGAINST HER!!!!

  39. Wow, there was such a better way to deal with that. Proof that the police shouldn't handle call like this. They don't have proper training to deal with mental health crisis like these. I wonder what would happen if the community (all races!!!)formed a circle around someone in this situation basically forming a human shield.

  40. This officer needs more training in commatacion instead officer use violence 🤔 this person probably having a bad day

  41. Was she being detained for any crimes? Nope. America, sue the crap out of that precinct.

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