Monday , April 19 2021
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Texas Gov. Abbott Delivers Address On Power Outages | NBC News

Watch live coverage as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott delivers an address on power outages and the winter weather response in the state.

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Live: Texas Gov. Abbott Delivers Address on Power Outages


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  1. (Grag Abbott) I can tell when someone is lying, and this man lies like a carpet.
    GA, vaccines are for everybody, not just for US citizen, this is only way we can stop virus, you hypocrite.
    You're real good at blaming others on power failer you weasel
    Be a man, and resign.

  2. Gov Abbott let Texans down by siding with business in not insulating the power grid. Then he shifts blame and takes no responsibility. Vote him out!!

  3. This new administration is trying to destabilize Texas and make us bow down. ERCOT was bought period!

  4. the man in power watch this Украина опубликовала сенсационную информацию о Biden there are english subtitles the president is corrupt

  5. He looks happy!!!!!! Thanks for paying him big money you suckers.

  6. Best Actor ever! 🙄💔🇨🇱

  7. This is the reason why texans started to vote bluer and bluer

  8. Well it bigs out the best I many. Some felt it was okay to try to lie on national broadcast till busted. Some felt it is okay to go on vacation when Texans pay there political salary. Let’s be honest how much money did you Gov. Abbot and the Railroad officials get from this industry and related in campaigns fund? Pass a bill that conflict in interest or those get excess or any donations cannot sit on board or make calls for all Texans and our life. Hold the electricity industry responsible for lives lost. How about paying every person in Texas electricity bill for the bill that includes the week of black out. It is the least they could do. How about having ever Texas politicians show not just Texans but the nation who and how much donates to their campaign. That honestly shows who you are making laws for. Because if you cared about Texans you would of made sure we had proper equipment for something like this. You all knew 10 years ago this could happen. This would be a start. Btw the start of this video when you are suppose to show care and compassion. Totally lost because you set yourself up with a PR back drop. Be authentic. Please just my person perspective. I did not have rolling black outs. 4 days no electricity freezing in 0 degrees 2 nights inside my apartment and 52 hours in single digits. Frost bit and will be weeks before flooding in apartment can be fixed. We still don’t see store with enough food. So much more. I still think I am lucky I did not die alone and frozen to death in my own bed to many did. Including children.

  9. He doesn't care about the people. Just vote him out.

  10. 25,000..00 Will alleviate Texas's problem.

  11. You can thank AOC and Beto O'Rourke as well.

  12. He is probably trying to get more money and power. Texans paid $52Billion last week. The week before that they paid $4B. Retail customers in Texas pay 13% above national average. MONEY.

  13. I didn´t feel the energy in this speech….

  14. At least he’s fighting Joe, on his Ridiculous pouring in of illegal immigrants, for Votes next illegal election cycle 😂

  15. Here’s a Good Governor, fighting for what’s Right for our country,not bought and paid for by our Communist Government

  16. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this..

  17. I live in TX. Rubberlegs Abbott gives a disgusting display of republiKlan "leadership" – lies, criminality and blame avoidance. Apparently, like his Fuhrer trump, Rubberlegs is not

    responsible for anything. Abbott gets his cut from Ercot. If you deny that, you're dumber than you look. TX and Rubberlegs Abbott deserve each other. You can't fix stupid.

  18. Typical GOP phoney that takes no responsibility for anything.

  19. That’s about the 17th time he’s ran through that speech, which you can be sure had notes like “PAUSE FOR EMPATHY” scattered throughout, All delivered with the same genuine feeling and emotion as if he’d heard that your garage door keeps jamming, or heavy rain is due for an hour later. Utter, utter insincerity from this prince.

  20. Well Governor, why did you not take care of this in 2011! This is your fault!

  21. He is to hold accountable.

  22. It is still a disaster, Sir!!!

  23. Why should the tax payer foot the bill it should be a requirement of the suppliers, in the uk and europe you can be compensated for any lose or damage as a result of outage.

  24. Blame game in full force!! Resign Abbott!!

  25. What a lying grub.
    Hard to know whether to get angry at this performance,
    or to burst out laughing.
    Whatever, he must not be re-elected.

  26. As the deeply religious Trump Republicans would say…."thoughts and prayers…."

  27. Two days ago he said it was it was wind power that messed everything up.

  28. And then you make this statement that people are not going to have to pay for their electric bill or worry about them having their electric turned off due to the bill you and your Investment Partners the one who are responsible for people having these type of bills what you the one who put those people who are in control of operating the electric system in Texas what you got same person who put those people imposition in order to control boarhound will operate the electrical power in Texas so why should they not be worried about having their electric bill I mean their electric cut off when they shouldn't even have to be worried about paying that bill. Due to the fact that you are the one who is responsible for them having that bill let's see what you going to do with this emergency relief bill that has been granted to the state of Texas and see if it's going to be implemented furly across-the-board or is it only your rich in close friends and family who's going to get the benefit from that as well

  29. Greg Abbott did you not know these things before they actually happen or you in the meetings with the electric power company Distributors aren't you the one who put Eckhart or whatever that name is in position and order to run the electrical power grid in Texas aren't you the one who decided not to winterize these systems Greg Abbott aren't you the one who put profit over people in the great state of Texas all of your career aren't you the one who always the one who always see the one who's operating these power grid and natural resources in the state of Texas are you the one who allowed these things to happen on to texting all the meanwhile you are gathering collecting money from the people of Texas aren't you invested off into the electrical companies in Texas as well as these other so called public servants like Ted Cruz who decided that it was too cold and him and his family and friends are going to go somewhere Mexico who he claims that he doesn't like is Ben $309 a night couldn't that money be spent on Texans who were left without no food no lights no water no place to live could that money not be spent on Texans in which she said that he was served as they sent it to just really goes to show how much these people really care about the people that they are supposed to be serving so let me ask you this question Governor Greg Abbott which you knowing all of these things before they happen knowing that the system was not winterized is that something that you get as a part of peaceful transfer of information when you become the governor did it not concern you then and if that is the case why is it concern you now what is it that your way of thinking has changed all of a sudden is it because you got caught like Ted Cruz and now you're trying to have some type of Public Relation repairs knowing that you were at fault in the first place and now you lie about what it is that you know or act as if though you did not know these things before they happen and these are the people that we have serving the people of Texas I assume this is what Texas or Texans wanted when they voted you people in and when I say you people I mean the people that are sitting in office right now you people or the people that do not care about people but you will vote it in cause of that money see what money has gotten you out in the cold no food no water no electric no where to stay but these are the people that the great state of Texas has choosing are chosen to serve them I guess this is what they want we need new people new regulations in a new way of thinking in the great state of Texas if we are able to become great then this is what we need those who are in office needs to be voted out of office and I don't then this is what we need those who are in office needs to be voted out of office and I don't then this is what we need those who are in office needs to be voted out of office Republicans and Democrats alike those who do not put the best interest of Texas Ed Hart to be voted out of their parts Greg Abbott and the Attorney General they are all the same only looking for that dollar and they both need to go vote people vote

  30. All you say is all you know. Hot air us all you say.

  31. So what are you doing. Instead of sitting all day thumbing your fingers.

  32. So Governor, what are you going to do regarding the power gauging without people being taken off the grid due to nonpayment ?

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