Texas high school defends decision to suspend Black 17-year-old over hair style

A Texas high school is defending its decision to suspend a Black 17-year-old student for two weeks after wearing his hair in dreadlocks. This is despite a law that took effect prohibiting racial descrimination based on hairstyles. Rehema Ellis reports.

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  1. What about other students' hair? Normal blonde hair that styles it down and style it different??what type of rules they have for them?

  2. How is this even a thing? IT’S HAIR!! Ridiculous. His hair looks great!!!!!

  3. 2023 and the signs are still over the water fountains and bathrooms.

  4. If he wore a dress with a blond hair , he would be accepted

  5. It’s symbolic castration of a black man

  6. The fact that this is still happening in 2023 is baffling to me, ain’t no way such a rule at ANY school should exist, this isn’t a military school and even if it was his hair is up, I hope they sue them to the ground.

  7. Fake story. There’s no way this is possible.

  8. How many years later and we are still fighting ; man I am tired 😩 he wear dreads it a issue but kids bringing guns to school ain’t ? Just wow what an irony

  9. Despite the ridiculousness of the school's rules, wouldn't this guy be better off just focusing on his studies, career, and future than insisting on having a particular hair style? I mean, he's 17, about to embark on the rest of his life beyond high school. You'd think the priorities would be different. Just sayin'.

  10. Whaaaatttt……the school handbook?? From when the 1960’s??? Thats old! Get with the program! People's clothes and hair or makeup is ART. Self expression! Whoever is his hair artist is dope! Not just any1 can braid like that!

  11. This is ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with his hair. I went to school in the 70's and guys wore their hair long and kids dressed all kinds of ways. Now a girl child has to wear a pair of shorts practically down to her knees. I understand not wanting to see a kids butt cheeks, but my gosh it's ridiculous.

  12. In college, I learned that this is the type of thing that frequently leads to school lawsuits. Usually the school loses. I have also noticed that different cultures vary widely in their opinions concerning fashion and hairstyle, and that some are much more strict about allowing a very limited selection of hairstyles, especially for men, while others are very permissive. I have seen students be expelled for hairstyle choices, I believe even when there were no clearly defined rules about what was permitted, such as when they chose to come to school with a very showy mohawk dyed bright green, for example. In other schools, anything goes, and the students definitely take advantage of that and it's very common to see students wearing every color of the rainbow in their hair and coming up with extremely wild and creative hairdos, with no discrimination between the sexes. I've also witnessed the staff wearing those same creative hairdos, with no discrimination between the sexes, and in one case, an extremely dapper dresser who looks like he's ready for church daily in a brand new suit also wears his hair with longer, intricate braids. On the flip side, there are other employees who look more like a thug with plugs in their ears, symbolic and spooky slightly taboo tattoos all over their arms and visible areas, and who wear very casual and slightly tattered jeans and clothing, but who definitely do not do anything anyone would find inappropriate with their hair, and honestly do not seem to violate any actual rule I've seen that addresses appropriate appearance, although I do think the principal who suspended the student with the green mohawk probably would have talked to this particular employee and told her she would have to stop wearing plugs in her ears and would have to hide the tattoos somehow, and he may have even addressed particular aspects of the tattered clothing. Everyone has their own taste, I guess, but good luck actually being able to define what is appropriate attire and not having to pay legal consequences for trying to enforce that idea. This issue has gone all the way to the Supreme Court in the past, and the school lost. It's just a very difficult thing to standardize and this is an area where I guess, for better or worse, the rebels have an easier time winning. I think personally, I would opt for a stricter attitude if I had a choice, as long as it wasn't very very overbearingly stifling, especially in the high school environment, where students are going to test rules to find out what is and isn't permitted in order to get a better grasp on what appropriate behavior is.

  13. I can’t believe the school is putting this much energy into this poor kids hair style. This is why our school system is so broken. His hair looks great by the way.

  14. A lot of really stems from being jealous of his hairstyle

  15. It's a subtle form of jealousy I have to say that they are jealous of his hair. Or somehow intimidated…

  16. I hate Texas. I truly hope it just falls into the depth of the earth. Its really does nothing for anyone. The whole place stinks.

  17. Wth??? His hair is beautiful. I don’t understand what’s wrong with his hair.

  18. go to another school with a dress code that allows your hairstyle; or homeschool

  19. what they are aiming for is.. one world people . one nation.. one government for all.. this is all leading to the mark of the beast

  20. Absurd!!! Sounds more like a witch hunt to me. Sad stuff like this is STILL happening.

  21. This looks good and non offensive. I've seen more offensive hair styles that deserve suspension. 😂

  22. I DONT see nothing wrong with his hair that’s the personality style he’s looks great tho why why people 🥺🥺😌