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Texas lawmaker urges 'every governor' to not extend unemployment benefits

Rep. Jodey Arrington, R-Texas, on certain states rejecting the proposal to extend unemployment benefits, gas shortages, and the border crisis. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.


  3. this debate is amazing. it seems like blue states are fishing for more wages, or other incentives. With all of the immigration, will the ones not returning to work have a job waiting for them?

  4. I'm sorry about your sister but it was on the news today that senator Bernie Sanders is going to try to stop these sixteen States with Republican governors from taking away the extra $300 a week he was mentioning the cares act he don't think they can stop it which would be good for all the states that have Republican governors I think the federal government should get involved I think they should let the IRS give dispense the money give all those people a debit card and every week when they call in let the IRS put the money on the card since the states with Republican governors don't want to do it

  5. Not everyone is able to go back to work. My sister had Covid_19 and although she recovered, she now has PERMANENT LUNG DAMAGE (pulmonary fibrosis caused by Covid-19) and is unable to go back to work. This unemployment boost is what has been keeping her afloat. Now that they are ending it, she will lose everything. It kills me how these idiots say "we can't pay people to stay home". How about the thousands of people who are in the same situation as my sister? SMH. All caused by this virus. Many lost their jobs and had family members who died or were affected by this terrible disease. Plus many mothers can't go back to work because they are doing home schooling. Also, many have not being fully vaccinated and are dying from the disease. This pandemic is FAR FROM BEING over.

  6. If you keep doubling their food stamps and sending them checks ain't nobody going back to work . After all this stimulus there will be great poverty . They are wiping out my children's and grandchildren's future.

  7. Its still safe to go back to work there is no cure. Just look at India

  8. Biden must pay Americans not to work because he must have jobs for all the illegal's he is bringing in.

  9. It's solid advice to other States not too extend unemployment benefits. As more jobs are opening up for businesses the immigrants will be taking those jobs and by the time unemployment benefits end for many Americans they will discover there are no more jobs which will result in a homeless crisis because all these immigrants crossing into the United States will have your jobs.


  11. End all welfare.whybgive incentive to be lazy.all it did was create a permanent resentment against a large portion of the population too stupid and lazy to exist that shouldn't exist aside from the hard workers being robbed to enable them.american govt is a fkng codependent mom w a junkie son named liberalism

  12. the illegals will fill all the jobs

  13. americans in every regional feifdom need to get back to work! you think those TRILLIONS in "relief funds" are for citizens? it's just to pay for their IMMIGRATION AGENDA.

  14. Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.

  15. Democrats make choices and never consider long term consequences. Our potato in charge is clueless 😐

  16. Texans call the lieutenant governor and the governor and let them know you will not have your guns taken!

  17. Thanks getting tired of going to work and being clowned for doing So. Stuck in a state full of cluster coitus.

  18. I wish this would have happened at election time then let's see if these Republican politicians would be acting this way I don't think they would be they would be afraid of losing their jobs now isn't it funny how rich these politicians get while they serve in office getting all their kickbacks from the lobbyists Wall Street big donors all these politicians should be only allowed to serve two terms that's it

  19. 40 hours a week deserves a living wage. People aren’t going to work for scraps anymore. These Republican states want slave labor. No dice. The tide has shifted.

  20. I would say the same because the company will always find work no matter how much u want an hr hints y the border is open duh

  21. Those folks that are breathlessly waiting to see Cyber Ninja results in Arizona are surprisingly the same exact crowd that want to see a new Honey Booboo show😉

  22. Trump will be indicted soon. Think about the Feds nabbing Trump in his Scooby-doo jammies at 4am, like they did with Roger Stone🐒

  23. Not putting your state back to work, is committing economic suicide.

  24. Americans are their own worst enemies saying that form a person who keeps saying America must stand up get a grip and fight that is why you are being stepped on you refuse to fight against the corruption instead you completely ignore the governments actions and believe me it's a disaster you will regret for your entire lives FIGHT BACK

  25. You notice only Republican states are taken away the $300 from people who really need it I hope the people in those States remember these governors at election time

  26. I just watched the video and they said it's all Republican states doing this. And they said Bernie Sanders is sending a letter to the people saying not to do this so let's see what happens

  27. This Texas lawmaker does not understand the Texas Workforce Commission rules. If you are recalled to work and refuse, the employer calls TWC and you are removed from benefits. What he fails to state is that many self employed, independent contractors and gig workers are getting the 300 a week and not regular UI. So they are sitting home for 1200 a month?

  28. People are tired of working slaves wages for horrible jobs and dealing with a vulgar public.

  29. Great news for businesses. These people who have special cards made to prove their vaccination, can now throw them away. As long as you are vaccinated, 1. You cannot infect anyone. 2. You cannot get the virus. Only people who have not been vaccinated can pass the disease on to those who have not been vaccinated. It is their problem and their problem only. Open your doors to all and lets get working once again.

  30. Yeah right, good luck with that. People need jobs opened up before you do that. You just opened back up 15 hours ago, and the jobs numbers are lowest in decades. Grow up a bit and open business again, to enable jobs.

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