Texas Republican says Biden needs to ‘flex the trading muscle’ with China

Rep. Pat Fallon, R-Texas, discusses the investigation into the Biden family business dealings, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s meeting in Russia and the International Criminal Court’s arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin. #foxbusiness

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  1. Why would FJB do that when China pays him not to 😂

  2. No matter the stock market crash one needs to have different portfolio, I already invested in Forex and Crypto which are really profitable

  3. Joe Biden is paying the cartels to bring fentanyl into it

  4. Biden doesnot. Work for this country…just. look at. Who paying him more. Now..for a very long 2.5 years.++++

  5. It’s obvious China has the goods on China Joe so he will not push back on China


  7. Joe Biden has done very little to do anything but bury this country in debt and line his pockets with pay offs from China for the Biden crime family that's TREASON

  8. Sanctions against China are a matter of a few days depending on China's decision on Ukraine. The EU withdraws its interests from China, also transfers production to Indi/Europe/USA from China. Chin ceased to be a reliable and safe contractor in the long term.

  9. Fox Business It’s not a business channel is a political channel. CNBC is a financial business channel highly recommend.

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  12. আমার রাস্তায় যে বাধা হবে সে উড়ে যাবে

  13. আমার টিমের প্রশ্ন –

  14. ম্যাসেজ এর জবাব দে

  15. Xiden is flexing his muscles
    He makes sure he gets his 10%

  16. The Biden presidency thus far can best be described by a line from the movie The Color of Money.

    "It's like a nightmare, isn't it? It just keeps getting worse and worse…"

  17. Biden administration should be in prison,but as usual nothing but talk.we have a double standard in our justice system and.

  18. Biden could not flex a muffin

  19. We need to STOP trading with China!

  20. Branden can't even flex his own muscles !

  21. He won’t flex. China owns him

  22. Trade? Who cares about trade when the greater threat is life on Earth due to the stupidity and incompetence of govt. and their insistence to perpetuate war

  23. American people must fighting in all economic sector with China people.
    Bisnis,trade with China must fighting in manejemen,strategy.
    I ever bisnis with China people.

  24. Lol, FoxBusiness only got 300 likes. Y'all are so popular

  25. I would think right from the beginning I would have been okay if it Lucky Joe would have just coughed up everything that Ukraine needed right away. Or at least get their men over here teach him how to do whatever they got to do to the equipment that they need and then get it right over there really quick I've been okay with the war would have been over with but that ain't what's happening Ukraine is now the United States anchor and we're going under we need to cut the anchor before we fall off into the water we can't afford to do anymore right now

  26. Really what the hell good is getting arrest warrant for Putin much less this administration for what they're doing at the border but that ain't going to hold any water they're just going to laugh at ya you can't arrest Lucky Joe no matter what he does much less do the same thing with Russia

  27. I I think I can explain why she got the money as her and Hunter was playing hide the sausage she came up with a couple of good ideas so Hunter through her a few bucks that or he just paid her because they were playing hide the sausage

  28. Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. ⋆⋆Eleanor Roosevelt

  29. "Washington Freebeacon": The Biden admin has "turned a blind eye" to some punishments against Iran and has authorized the payment of $500 M from "Iraq's debts to Iran"!

    – Senator Ted Cruz told the Freebeacon that the actions of the Biden admin "clearly, strongly and without any denial" endanger the security and lives of the American people.

    He said: "They has allowed Iran to pocket billions of dollars by violating oil sanctions (the daily sale of 1 M barrels of oil to China), and now it is sending billions of dollars in cash to the mullahs' regime."

    He added: "This cash will be used by the Iran regime to strengthen Russia's all-out war against Ukraine." The [Biden] admin admits that Iran is Russia's number one backer. This shows what their priorities are!"

    – The German newspaper "Spiegel" recently reported that the Chinese company "Xian Bingo" plans to deliver 100 suicide drones to Moscow soon.

    – The British newspaper iNews: The Chinese manufacturer has signed a contract with the Kremlin to deliver and test (similar suicide drones made by Iran!), namely "TL-180"!

  30. Only thing flexing is Obidens lack of leadership.

  31. What muscle, he's brittle

  32. China Joe needs to go.

  33. Biden needs to resign immediately, he has corrupted the Whitehouse and government.

  34. China owns Biden and his family.

  35. They literally make almost all of our stuff. It sounds like a payday for washington not us? Or are you going to reduce the price of goods for the tariffs you are gong to impose? Oh don't forget they buy are deficit spending debt. I call shannigans on these bozos!

  36. Biden needs to be arrested