Friday , December 4 2020
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Texas starts to recover after devastating tornados l ABC News

ABC News’ Marcus Moore reports from Richardson, Texas, one of the areas hit hard after three tornados touched down in the Dallas area.

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  1. Tornado season and they can hit any where

  2. U don t know danger until Mother Nature literly knock on your front door DALLAS folks lucky causualities on high

  3. Thanks to my older son he gave us heads up

  4. Granddaughter slept through it

  5. Tornado blew locked patio door open threw in gush of water and , felt like I was in pirates of Caribbean’s and and the octopus at was jumping in my living room gush of water came in—whew thought it ast u I think we were in it

  6. Alway do sign of the cross be u step out hope u had a good never know. God bless all

  7. I thought tornado was 5 blocks away just saw a split tree at the corner of our block, my tiny little grand daughter went through it only got 2minutes warning was not time to meet our maker .and people don t believe in god—-

  8. Need better pick up and clean up

  9. This tornado was sponsored by Lowe's and the Philadelphia Eagles

  10. God's punishing Texans for all of their filthy sins.

  11. Thank you Mother Nature for doing this to such a shithole nation. Xoxoxo

  12. Why do we always need to see a house with the roof gone every storm. No originality.

  13. Thank God no one was killed.

  14. Hahahahahahahahaha😂🤣😂
    Look at all of that destruction🤣
    Comedy at its finest😂👌

  15. Anybody notice whatever state dump has a rallie in natural disasters follow.

  16. they shouldve used a nuclear bomb to stop the tornadoes…

  17. Recover what u can but its going to happen again trusts God it will …keep shooting up black people and see what happens

  18. No one killed and knowing Texas, everyone was outside looking at it.

  19. Well your dear learder Trump doesn't believe in global warming or cares to do anything about it.

  20. Trump Voters that yell about TOO MUCH GUBMINT are now going to be looking for Gubmint Hand-outs to recover from the tornado. Talk to Mexico Beach in Florida, they're STILL Waiting for recovery from the Gubmint. Trump Voters being made to suffer by their Bible GOD because they pray to Guns 'n' Trump before they pray to GOD. number one in the Top 10

  21. The American continent is very dangerous to live down there ,I’m so glad to be born in Europe we dont have the 🌪

  22. Oh ni storm rider la,bukan ghost rider…next

  23. Thanks for covering this ABC NEWS. But what does this have to do with Donald Trump ?

  24. The great state of Texas praying for all from Alabama roll tide stay safe all Texas pd guys doing a OUTSTANDING JOB

  25. This is why my ancestors built mounds…to hide from tornadoes.

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