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Texas voting rule changes challenged by big corporations

A Texas bill proposing new restrictions on how and when voters can cast ballots is being criticized by major companies. Townhall.com managing editor Spencer Brown and Fox News Headlines 24/7 reporter Carley Shimkus weigh in on what’s next. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Since when do corporations control the voting process in America?????

  2. Time to boycott these companies . Try to get on a plane or cash a check without your valid ID . Rich or poor , you have to do the work to get .

  3. Thank God for Texas !!!!!!!

  4. This is to stop voter corruption, there isn't anything in that bill that they are showing us at least' that would do anything other than make it more difficult to commit voter fraud.

  5. Christ. This ____-hole is going down the drain.

  6. I'm in a blue state. In my blue state you needed an ID to get a virus shot. I guess HP is OK with needing an ID for that. What a bunch of toads they are.

  7. Do Democrats ever have any proof that there is anyone without ID? Seems to me they are always just assuming. The fact they keep changing the numbers prove that. They just like to make up any story to cover up the real reason why the oppose ID's for voting which is they support fraud.

  8. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, until you change it

  9. The Claws and Antlers would rip out the hearts of these corporations.

  10. It would seem that these members of the corporate hierarchy want the ability to control elections to advance corporate values over the masses values. When it comes to pro-sports, well, we don't need them around anyhow.

  11. The fact that many on this comment section are defensive about their support for voter suppression speaks volumes.

  12. Big business needs to focus on their own business, rather than "what's best" for American voters.

  13. No one will ever trust America
    Again the iron FBI curtain

  14. It’s too late baby far too late

  15. Must be over the target (interfering with lefts voting fraud) to get the attention of the woke folk.

  16. Why restrict voting? If anything, people in Austin should try to make it easier for people to vote.
    Texas is the state in the Union with the lowest percentage of voter turnout year after year.
    Why? Part of it has to do with poor candidate choices. But most of it has to do with the difficulty there is in voting.
    Texas voter registration cards should contain a photo, like a Texas driver’s license. That would prevent anyone from voting illegally.

  17. Voting rules? Read the constitution, no non citizen shall not vote in usa elections

  18. The woke people can't afford to buy anything, they are on food stamps or welfare,or grew up on it, that is why they want to boycott companies, so the companies should stand up against it, grow some guts.

  19. I can't believe these people run companies they will jeopardize their products for a negative political view, also the more they censure president Trump the stronger his following becomes. This king Joe crow Biden and hahharris and this administration it's not playing with a full deck it is obvious. God bless the USA, we the people will prevail

  20. The voter suppression has gotten so outrageous that even the usual GOP allies are saying no to it. The Republicans aren't shooting themselves in the foot, they are going for the head.

  21. Yes it should be very difficult for people to vote. Voting is what dictates our future as a nation and as such should be takin very seriously with the utmost standards. And we can see that the social Democrats and extreme woke most definitely do not have any kind of standards other then you hurt my feelings so now I hurt you back. Anyone who supports this supports the problems they claim to be fighting.

  22. Climate change will eventually change the demographic so any amount of voter suppression won’t work.

  23. Accountability whether you are a criminal or politician or the FBI/CIA – they are some of Americas biggest problems.

  24. These companies DO NOT RUN TEXAS!! They are all free to exit back to California!! There is a waiting list of companies trying to move here.

  25. Further evidence that big bidness is in on it too.
    Trump was nothing more than a paid performer as he drained absolutely nothing.
    Go Texas!!!

  26. I'm going to need an id to get a job at any of those companies. They're also going to do a background check.

  27. These companies can leave Texas. My neighborhood is growing too fast, I live in Fort Worth. People can state in their states and not bring their liberal ideals to Texas. Boycott our state, it won’t hurt Texas.

  28. America is the greatest nation on earth where freedom, opportunity, prosperity and our civil society can flourish. Teach your children well.

  29. Capitalism at its finest 😸

  30. Show me who to boycott 🥰
    Make your product, provide your service…. Y’all stay out politics.

  31. These Voters laws are going to make it harder to flip Texas to blue.

  32. Can anyone see this comment?

  33. We need a list of these companies so people will know who not to buy from.

  34. Democrats right now love fraud and cheating.
    We should all want to make it impossible for fraudulent elections.
    This is not a partisan or a racisl issue.

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